One of the most basic requirements for skin health and youthfulness is water. All the cells and systems of the skin are dependent on the presence of water to function. Drinking eight glasses of water a day is the first step towards having the smooth, radiant skin we all desire. Without adequate water, skin texture is compromised and the first indicator you will see is rough, bumpy and flaky skin sometimes with open and closed comedones.

Photo: Skin texture seen under our state of the art skin scanner.

Photo: Skin texture seen under our state of the art skin scanner.

Many people tell me that they forget or they don’t like water or even that they are afraid of having to be near a bathroom all day if they drank the required amount (don’t worry, this isn’t the case), but there is no other way around it. Skin needs water and the only way to obtain it is by drinking it. Without your commitment to this step the effectiveness of your skincare regime will be reduced as all the many processes your skin carries out on a daily basis need water to happen.

It is perfectly fine to put a few drops of lemon or lime juice in to flavour it if you find that more palatable, it doesn’t have to be plain water. Also, any other ‘good’ fluids that you drink during the day will count towards your total so include juices, soup, soft fruits and some herbal teas* in your diet. The ‘bad’ fluids are those containing caffeine or alcohol as these are diuretics and will reduce the total amount of available fluid to your body systems.
It is best to sip constantly throughout the day to maintain hydration levels. Remember if you feel thirsty this is your body’s way of telling you that you are already becoming dehydrated, and best of all it’s free (for now!)
Drink up and enjoy the benefits to your skin.

To assess whether you are getting enough water for skin health, and to analyse all your skin’s current needs, we recommend booking our Skin analysis and skin health coaching session where all the questions you ever had about your skin will be answered, you skin will be analysed inside and out and a programme will be outlined for you to get your skin strong, healthy and beautiful, and keep it that way.

Read more about our skin analysis here.

*some herbal teas are diuretic, ask in your local health food shop for advice.