Diathermy is an old-school solution for the red veins that can appear over time on our face, particularly on the cheeks and nose. Many people think that expensive laser is the only cosmetic option out there for red vein treatment but that is certainly not the case. Short Wave Diathermy has been used safely and successfully by beauty therapists and by the medical profession for decades.

Visible red veins have many causes including outdoor exposure, skin damage, rosacea, some medications and a certain genetic disposition. They are harmless and the only reason we treat them is because most people are not fans of how they look!

If you find that you are fed up of looking red, don’t want to rely on concealer every day or if you just didn’t know that they could be treated very easily then this is the video for you!

Skin Essentials by Mariga is the only skin clinic in the South East offering this service. Short Wave Diathermy is suitable for men and women, of all ages. There are some contraindications, but very few (the main ones are diabetes or blood disorders or being on blood thinning medication). We do a full consultation before any treatment to assess suitability and create a treatment plan just for you. Prices from €50

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