Yoga for Skin Essentials clients

Irene from Yoga Vestra who, handily for me, is also my sister, has created a special yoga routine especially for us to share with our Skin Essentials clients.

I asked her to create a routine that would help promote relaxation and better sleep, two things that also impact directly on your skin.

Bedtime yoga is a gentle, slow yoga practice to help you disconnect from your day and prepare your mind and body for sleep.

It’s not a time commitment either, at just 12 minutes long it is something that even the most time-pressed can fit into your night routine (just don’t skimp on your skincare time!!)

Suitable for anyone, even complete beginners, you just go at your own pace and within your own range of movement / comfort.

Find a quiet space and click on the video below to begin some self-care for your body and spirit today.

As with any new exercise regime please consult your medical doctor before participating if that is appropriate for you.

To participate in more Zoom Yoga Vestra classes email for class schedules and prices.

Don’t forget to tell Irene I sent you! You can also connect with her on Instagram @irene_yoga_vestra

Enjoy, Mariga x