Acne, whether teenage or adult, mild or severe is an extremely distressing condition for anyone suffering from it’s onslaught. Years after the spots have cleared up many people are still suffering from the physical and emotional scars it leaves in its wake. Most acne sufferers will have tried every option from pharmacy brands to antibiotics to herbal cures, very often with little or no success.
This is because acne has multiple causal factors, including excess oil production, hormonal influences, imperfect shedding of skin cells and bacterial issues. To truly take control of acne eruptions and all its side effects you must follow a regime which addresses all these causes simultaneously.

At Skin Essentials, we specialise in acne control solutions.
At the core of the regime are our revolutionary homecare products. Designed to control acne while still respecting the integrity of the surrounding healthy skin, these products perform like nothing else on the market today.
Equally important in getting clear is peeling. There can be no acne control until you remove all the buildup from ‘sick’ follicles. This is done using a combination of acid peels, ultrasonic peeling and extractions.

Acne scarring: if it is too late for you to prevent acne scarring, you can look at options to reduce old blemish marks and scars. This is best addressed by a combination of restructuring treatments and skin building products. We especially like combination therapy including correct home care, acid peels and medical microneedling. As with clearing acne in the first place, the correct home care is imperative to get full results from the treatment component of your programme. The correct course of action is determined at an initial consultation and skin analysis.

As no two cases of acne are the same, it is necessary to have a comprehensive skin consultation before you begin treatment to determine the best plan for you. During this consultation process you will learn all the techniques necessary to equip you to deal with your skin on a daily basis.

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