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Avoid dry and dehydrated winter skin with these must-have products

Winter must-haves for beautiful skin.

Is it just me or does to seem like we have skipped autumn and landed straight into winter?
I find that I have already begun reaching for my winter skincare routine and thought I would share my must-haves for avoiding the winter dry-out with you early this year 🙂

See my top 5 products below, handily sorted by skin type to help you choose:

Image of the top five winter skin products from Skin Essentials by Mariga, Wexford

Winter skin must-haves: Mariga’s picks.

All skin types:
If you don’t use it already our Lip Comfort Balm is an absolute MUST if you suffer with dry lips. Use as often as you like but my tip is build it into your skincare routine and use it morning and night when you do your regular skincare routine. This is enough to prevent winter dry-out or to maintain lip hydration. If you are already dry you may want to use it several times a day until your lips are back to their best then go to twice-daily maintenance.
Colourless, non-sticky and non- shiny it’s a must for everyone.

Dry or sensitised skin (low oil production):                                                                                         If your skin tends to dry out in the winter once the temperatures drop and heating kicks in, then prevent winter tightness and itchiness by switching to Skin Comfort Cream day and night to deeply moisturise, prevent and soothe irritation and combat redness cause by exposure. Apply after your normal serum/facial oil but remember even though it’s winter, you still need SPF30 over the top during the day.

Dehydrated skin – dry or oily (lack of water retention in the skin):                                                       If dehydration  is your issue, you will experience fine lines, particularly around the tops of the cheeks, flaking or patchy skin. This skin needs help to retain water and hyaluronic acid is the answer. This hero ingredient binds water to itself resulting in a hydrated and plumped up skin. The Skin Essentials by Mariga product to choose is the Hyaluronic+ Moisture Boost Serum. Use alone or mixed in with your regular serum to provide a shot of hydration.         Tip: I use this at night under my night cream because my day serum (Hydra Collagen Serum) already has some hyaluronic in it. Too much hyaluronic acid on your skin at once can cause your makeup to roll off. If you don’t wear makeup, no problem use it whenever you prefer.

Oily skin:
You can still get dehydrated (see above) if the water in your skin is evaporating too fast due to central heating or fires. If this is already happening use the Hyaluronic+ Moisture Boost as above. To prevent dehydration and keep oily skin conditioned and healthy, but not greasy or shiny, use Hydrating Cream at night after your regular serum, and also during the day if you work in a dry heated environment. As always, you need SPF30 daily throughout the year.

Find all our products on our webshop here or call in to us in our Selskar Street skin clinic in Wexford Town for advice.

Cold Weather Skin Saving Tips

Mariga’s advice on how to keep your skin in great condition as we move into winter.


As we transition from one season to the next sometimes our skincare routine no longer seems to ‘fit’ just right. Read on for Mariga’s tip on avoiding flaky, irritated, sensitive winter skin:
There can be many reasons for this including:

-central heating drying the air which causes faster evaporation of water from our skin.
-moving between hot and cold spaces causing rapid constriction/dilation of tiny blood vessels, causing problems ranging from flushing to more permanent redness over time.
-weather: being outside in the cold and wind can cause texture damage resulting in roughness and flaking.

What to do at home:
-If your skin begins to feel dry or tight you can introduce a facial oil for protection and comfort. All Skin Essentials facial oils can be used under your SPF30 day cream or used alone or under  Skin Comfort Cream at night. (If you have been using  Hydrating Cream, consider Skin Comfort Cream instead for the winter, it is a richer version with added plant sterols and anti-oxidants to deep skin moisture and repair). If you have a lot of repair to do, our Winter Skin Kit combines our deep relief moisturiser with our high strength hyaluronic acid and peptide serum to progressively repair and strengthen damaged, dehydrated or fragile skin.
-Use a humidifier to combat the effects of dry air or keep bowls of water near direct heat sources.
-It can seem harder in winter, but make sure to keep up your fluid intake to hydrate your skin from the inside. If cold water is beyond you, herbal teas are a great alternative (choose naturally caffeine-free).
-If suitable for you, essential fatty acid supplements will protect skin cells from the inside.

Clinical solutions:
Ideally you should have your skincare routine reassessed seasonally to make sure you are doing the best you can for your skin at every time of the year. Booking in for a progress review to have your skin examined in-depth and your skincare needs reassessed is a good idea. If your skin has become a bit sluggish or lost radiance after a summer of sun exposure now is the time to book your facial treatment to keep your skin systems stimulated and balanced. And, it’s a lovely treat! (Have you tried our Barrier Repair Facial? It’s divine. Call us on 053 9145981 to book your 30 or 60 minute version now. You’ll be glad you did.)

Book your comprehensive analysis (new clients) or progress review (existing clients) with us online now or call 053 9145981 to visit our Wexford based salon and make sure your skin is winter-proof.

The winter skin kit from Skin Essentials by Mariga combines our deep relief moisturiser with our high strength hyaluronic acid and peptide serum to progressively repair and strengthen fragile, damaged or dehydrated skin.

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