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As we get through this latest lockdown, I have been trying to think how I can show up strong and be of best service for my clients (and new clients) when I can’t get to see you.

The number of calls and emails I have been getting looking for guidance and advice has shown me that you are still committed to your skincare and want to do everything you can to keep your skin in great shape.

I have also seen a rise in new clients looking for advice on how to choose the best home-care products online, perhaps you have been used to getting advice from a beauty specialist at a skincare counter when you need new products, and being thrown into the deep end of online shopping can certainly be confusing when there is so much choice.

So to help those who need guidance on beginning a programme of active skincare with Skin Essentials, or to advise existing clients on any issues that may arise I have created a telephone callback service where you can book in a 15 minute call with me at a time to suit you and I can help you address any skin questions you have or recommend the best products from our range for your skin needs. There is no charge for this service, I hope is it of benefit to you and look forward to connecting with you very soon.

What to expect from your call (new clients):

We will chat about your skin, how you are feeling about it right now, go through any allergies/contra-indications and create a home-care solution to help you achieve your short and long term skin goals. You can order products at the end the call if you wish and they will be sent out by post. I will email you after the call with your recommended home-care routine.

How to schedule your call:

Send an email to or call us on 086 3823608 / 053 9145981 with your preferred times/dates and we will give you some available options.

Reach out through our facebook page.

Need something more in-depth for a more neglected skin or ongoing/multiple issues?

Our in-depth Online Analysis might be the one for you

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