Have you spent January being (mostly) healthy? Have you eaten well, exercised a bit and kept a consistent skincare routine? If you have, well done and I hope you are getting the benefits in increased energy and glowing skin!

Or are you one of those superhuman people that have actually stuck rigidly to a January ‘detox’? If so, your skin may be suffering from what we here at Skin Essentials by Mariga call January Syndrome! This is where you feel like you are doing all the right things for your body and skin but you still end up with a dull, dry complexion. The major culprit for this is fat, lack of good fats in your diet will impact skin negatively and after a few weeks you will notice that your skin feels rougher, looks less radiant, maybe even downright dull or ashy, and it can feel dry with an increase in noticeable fine lines.

Good fats are needed in your body for your skin cells to be properly formed, healthy and intact. Without these you are producing poor quality keratin cells that will not function properly to keep water in your skin and to keep environmental irritants out, resulting in the conditions described above.

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The good news is that this can be corrected as long as you haven’t let it go too far! People who follow a long-term fat free or very low fat diet will have prematurely aged skin that is difficult to restore to its former appearance. But if you have just started noticing it then it will be simple enough to reverse with correct skincare, barrier repair treatments where necessary and definitely a re-introduction of good fats in your diet. (The favourites from a skin point of view are avocados, salmon, nuts and seeds).

The most important consideration in your skincare routine to correct this issue is a high quality, bio-balanced facial oil that gives your skin the exact percentage of each type of lipid it requires to rebuild and restore strength, smooth uneven texture and give you back your glow. We recommend using Lipid Repair Concentrate morning and evening under your regular cream until your skin is showing signs of recovery and then reducing to once per day for maintenance.

To quick-start your skin recovery book in for a Barrier Repair Facial. This is available in a 30, 45 or 60 minute version and is absolutely divine as well as delivering results. Definitely one to treat yourself to, especially if you have been good for the month of January!

Have you noticed any changes with your skin since the New Year? Give us a call on 053 9145981 and let’s see how we can help you today.