In our latest podcast episode on, Mariga talks prejuvenation when it comes to your skin.

Rejuvenation is a word you probably know well when it comes to skin.

You might want to look fresher, brighter, tighter, or all of the above.

Where prejuvenation comes in is when we are preparing your skin for advanced anti-ageing treatments like microneedling, radiofrequency and the Pyramid Facelift. These treatments work deep in the skin and the results lasts a long time.

What rejuvenation and prejuvenation have in common, is that they are stimulating some or several processes in the skin to work harder, better and like they did when we were younger.

Stimulating is half the battle, what you are doing is your using steel needles to penetrate through the skin to the depth of the fibroblasts, which live in our skin structure.

Fibroblasts make collagen fibres – that’s one of their major jobs.

There is no point in stimulating fibroblasts to create better collagen fibres, if it doesn’t have the raw materials to make the collagen fibres out of. This is where prejuvenation comes in. It’s making sure in the weeks running up to your treatment, that the skincare you’re using at home is suppling the deficit in your skin. There is a natural slowdown in the skins natural reserves, which is why we need a treatment in the first place.

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