Have you ever booked yourself a facial for a treat only to be disappointed by the experience?

I know I have.

But that’s ok – every experience is a learning one and I still love to have treatments especially when I’m away (remember that?!) because it’s important for me to be the client sometimes and see things from your perspective.

For me, the worst experiences have been to feel rushed, or to have a mask applied and be left for ages while the therapist leaves the room. I especially dislike if I book an hour facial, only to have a skin consultation, getting undressed and then getting dressed again all squeezed into the 60 minutes.

Of course sometimes I’ve had great experiences too, and usually these have been because of a particularly special facial massage technique.

If I am going to a spa I will nowadays choose body treatment only in general. I know the special spa touches are about relaxing and getting you to unwind, but for me if I want a facial, I want a facial, not faffing around with a ‘welcome foot bathing ritual’ or having the first 15 minutes of my treatment be a relaxing arm massage, no, not for me. What about you, do you love the whole spa ritual or would you prefer to have the whole treatment time be what you booked – a facial treatment?

We are all different of course but my personal experiences have all helped me to create my version of how a facial should be – see below for what to expect when you book a classic or deluxe facial treatment at Skin Essentials, Wexford.

Did you know? One of the reasons that facials are so relaxing, especially when they are heavily focused on massage, is because of the proximity of the nerve endings in the face to the brain, the connection is so close that the relaxing effect on the nerves is almost instantly transferred to the brain centres.

What to expect from your Skin Essentials facial:

  • Customised fully every time from a comprehensive suite of professional products.
    • Prefer to use wholly organic / vegan / natural products? No problem, just let us know your preferences in advance and we will create something perfect for you.
  • Length of facial time booked means treatment time –
    • a 60 minute facial means 60 minutes of treatment time, allow a few extra minutes for getting dressed and checking out / purchasing any required products. There’s no rush, it’s your ‘you time’!
  • Your therapist never leaves the room once your treatment begins, no applying a mask and leaving it to sit, your treatment is hands-on for the full time.
    • (Exception – LED light therapy, you will be left to relax and unwind as we can’t touch your skin while the machine is on).
  • We have an extensive knowledge bank of individual therapies and protocols to choose from and your facial will include a personalised selection from the following types of facial massage, based around your needs on the day, do let us know if you have any particular favourites to request:
    • face lifting massage
    • biodynamic lymphatic drainage
    • tension release massage
    • hot stones
    •  crystal stone treatment
  • No compromise between clinical skin treatment and relaxation, all facials focus heavily on both.
  • We can tailor your experience to your tastes as regards level of
    • heat,
    • weight of blankets,
    • light levels in the room
    • all of our background music will be chosen to complement your treatment.

Mariga x

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