New Online Vouchers

Take a look at our easy to buy online gift vouchers for treatments and products.

This is your step-by-step guide to purchasing our new vouchers.

Step 1: Click HERE to take you to our online vouchers page in Fresha. This is the first page you will land on to begin your voucher purchase.

Step 2: Choose from the amount of €100, €50 and €25. Once you click on the voucher amount you will see this page below. Click continue.

Step 3: Choose a recipient – Either email it to yourself (a treat for me), print it out to include in a gift, or email it directly to a recipient. Click on your desired option.

Step 4: If you choose the option to email it as a gift, this is the next step below. Fill out the recipients information, i.e. name/email address and personalised message (e.g. Happy Birthday xx). Click Continue.

Step 5: The final page is the ‘Review and Checkout’ page. Simply enter your information i.e. Payment details etc. Then press ‘Pay Now’.

Congratulations, you have you just completed your first online voucher purchase for Skin Essentials by Mariga😊.

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