Frankincense peeling and nourishing treatment for mature skin. 


Natural peeling, deep nourishment, and revitalising effect.

One of the lovely treatment options as part of our new holistic treatments suite is the frankincense skin softening and revitalising boost.

Suitable for more mature skin that needs a boost of ‘oomph’ to brighten and bring life back to a dull, tired complexion, this softening, smoothing module will be included on suitable skin types as part of the Holistic Facial. (If you haven’t experienced this ultimate personalised facial yet you need to fix that asap!).

In this treatment we use only natural, organic products made with frankincense boswellia sacra, also known as Luban, from the Boswellia Sacra tree in Oman. This extract has been used for centuries for it’s healing, regenerative and immune boosting properties. 

Additionally, we can add the benefits of Japanese herbal aroma incense to the treatment room if it is something you enjoy. This special blend of Japanese and Korean herbs is used to calm and se-stress the mind and pairs beautifully with our holistic facial experience. If you want to add this extra enhancement to your facial experience, just let us know.

We are always researching the best ingredients, techniques and protocols from around the world to enhance your results and experience, and we look forward to hearing your feedback on all our latest treatments.

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