Does what you eat affect the appearance of your skin? Skin expert Mariga has the answers!

The simple answer is yes – our diet does have a direct effect on the appearance of our skin. I’m not referring to the old wives tales about chocolate/crisps/chips causing acne (I will deal with that in another post), but to the role of good nutrition in keeping our skin looking it’s best.
Just like every other organ in our body, the skin needs good nutrition to function as it should. While we can provide a certain amount of nutrition from the serums or creams we apply on the outside, it is really important to supply them from the inside too. Here are a few simple suggestions for you to think about.

-Eat a variety of different coloured fruit and veg. The darker the food, the more anti-oxidant in general. Anti-oxidants help to protect the skin from damage.
-Reduce your intake of caffeine / alcohol. These will contribute to dehydration.
-Be careful with dairy consumption if your are prone to breakouts/eczema. Cut it out completely is possible. Almond milk makes a great substitute for your breakfast cereal.
-Reduce/remove refined carbs/sugars from your diet. These can lead to puffiness in the skin and accelerate the ageing process.
-A good way to get extra anti-oxidants in your diet is by drinking herbal teas. Keep it varied.
-Try to incorporate Essential Fatty Acids into your diet to help keep skin supple. Find these in fish or seeds such as flax/sunflower. Supplements are fine too.

These are just some general guidelines applicable to all skin types. For specific, personalised advice just give us a call on 053 9145981 and we will set up a consultation for you.