Are you craving relaxation? 

When you think of having a facial/massage/spa treatment is relaxation the word that calls to you? 

When our body/mind craves relaxation what we really need is help with emotional balancing.

When we are overwhelmed, tired, stressed, what is happening in the body is that the chemical and hormonal messages from the brain and glands are overstimulated causing blockages or interruptions in the normal flow of energy.

This affects our sleep, energy levels, decision making ability and overall mood. Unchecked, it will eventually also affect our physical health.

Any relaxation treatment that works on the nerve endings helps to calm this situation in the body and mind, and this is why self-care is so good for you!

When we want to calm emotions and regulate nerve responses the fastest way is the shortest route, and that is why a facial is so relaxing – we are working as closely as possible to the brain.

The massage parts of your facial doesn’t just feel nice and boost your skin – they directly calm the brain centres that influence mood.

Now you know why having a facial makes you feel so good in a much deeper way than the skincare benefits you get.

Our classic facials are available in 30, 45 and 60 minute options but of course the longer the treatment, the more facial massage is included. 

Highly recommended: Japanese Facelift too is a fantastic dual-purpose treatment, not only will it brighten your skin and contour your features, but the deep muscle and connective tissue manipulation helps release the effects of stress from the cells and tissues, restoring your mood while it lifts your face.

For a more in-depth and health-focused approach to stress control and emotional balancing, facial reflexology is the top option to choose. By targeting and retraining neural pathways in the brain-body connections, new and lasting emotional responses to stressors are encouraged to help you change your old stress-responses to something calmer and better for you. (And as a nice bonus it will boost your skin’s radiance and restore a healthy glow too).

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