Microneedling is one of our favourite skincare treatments on the planet!

But did you know, there are many different types of microneedling treatments you can get at Skin Essentials?


How do you know which is right for you?

Microneedling: I absolutely love microneedling and incorporate it into almost all our anti-ageing programmes. There are many types for different levels of outcome and a customised plan will be created especially for your skin, but in general terms:

Classic Microneedling: Best for early signs of ageing such as first eye lines etc, in a course of 3. Excellent as a single treatment as a pre-ageing advanced facial to build collagen as a future-proofing method. Add into your treatment routine from late twenties onward to delay the visible signs of ageing.

Trifractional Resurfacing: Combines shallow needling with radiofrequency energy. Best for first lines, pores, texture issues. All ages requiring surface smoothing and tightening.

Voluderm Facelift: Combines deeper needling with radiofrequency energy. Best for hollows under the eyes, softness around mouth and neck rejuvenation. Usually age 40 plus.

Pyramid Facelift: Combines trifractional and voluderm technologies as above with radio frequency skin tightening to address all signs of ageing where revision is required on wrinkles, sagging or lax skin, texture and radiance. Usually 40 plus but can also be adapted to address pitted scarring on any age skin.

SmartMeso Nano Needling: Combines very shallow needling with vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid Infusion. Best for dull, congested skin that needs a boost. Deeper than a facial but still focused on the uppermost skin layers to improve skin quality not structure or shape.

We have just launched a very exciting microneedling treatment from Amieamed Exceed, which is the most comfortable and effective microneedling technology in the country. We have AmieaMed Exceed Microneedling exclusively in Wexford and Donnybrook. 

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