You want… to keep your youthful smoothness and glow for as long as possible.

If you are under 30/35 and are not yet experiencing the visible signs of ageing then our Exceed Microneedling is the one for you.

Stop fine lines and texture changes such as enlarged pores in their tracks by having this treatment every 3 months.

This classic anti-ageing technology will up-level your age-proofing game by keeping collagen levels high which in turn keeps skin firmer for longer and hips refine pore size and smooth texture.

You want…to reverse the first signs of ageing. If you are already seeing fine lines around your eyes or mouth area and want to reverse them before they can deepen into permanent wrinkles then our Exceed microneedling is the way to go.

As an early age proofing option, have a microneedling treatment 2-4 times a year.

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If you already have fine lines / wrinkles / uneven skin tone / skin dropping then you need to move up a level to our most advanced skin technology. The Divine Pro series of treatments – which includes the famous Pyramid Facelift – combines radiofrequency skin tightening, fractional microneedling and skin resurfacing for a customised approach to reversing the signs of ageing.

You want…to rewind deeper signs of ageing. When it is too late for prevention we can move up to revision of wrinkles, eye bags, sagging jowls or neck creasing with our Divine Pro treatments.

From gentle TriPollar to lift the neck right through to Pyramid Facelift treatments to fill lines, plump up cheeks and tighten the whole skin, we can tailor a course of treatments especially for you. Non-invasive and with long lasting results this is a game changer in the field of non-surgical face lifting.

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You want…to get rid of age spots / sun spots / red veins / skin tags / milia. All of these benign skin lesions can be quickly and effectively treated with either diathermy (heat) or cryotherapy (freezing) treatments.

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