Treat your skin like a houseplant?

Treat your skin like a houseplant. I know, sounds a bit off the wall, right?

BUT it really makes total sense… bear with me.

I’m always amazed and to be honest a little frustrated at times by the amount of enquiries I get from people looking for a clinical peel or resurfacing treatment or home product recommendations to deeply exfoliate the skin.

I know that this comes from misinformation on various social media sites, magazines, non-expert blogs/influencers etc. so it is understandable that the general public could be lead to believe that peeling or scrubbing the skin is the answer to all your skincare issues. It isn’t, I promise!

Usually the query will be something like…

“I have breakouts, what scrub do you recommend?”


“I have dry skin, which peel is best for me?”


“I have lines and wrinkles, can I use glycolic acid every day?”

This is where the houseplant comes in… if you had a plant that was looking a bit dull, tired, dry, discoloured, lifeless would you think, ‘I know, I’ll scrub it’s leaves and add acid to the water, that’ll fix it.’

No, of course not. That would probably kill it or at the very least make it worse. You would water it carefully, feed it appropriately and gentle it back to health.

And that’s just what you should do for your skin. Add nutrients, inside and out, make sure it has the appropriate ingredients to build itself back up to health, and once it is healthy it then becomes strong and radiant.

And what about pruning you might ask? Wouldn’t you snip off any dead leaves? Yes, and in skincare you get rid of anything in your diet, skincare or lifestyle that isn’t serving you.

Stripping cleansers, grainy scrubs, irritating perfumes, excess sugar, alcohol or caffeine. Take away what isn’t contributing to the skin you want to see, and add skin-building nutrients. That’s the recipe for long-term skin health and beauty.

What nutrients do you need?

Our Lipid Repair Concentrate contains all your skin needs to build healthy lipid layers, the foundation of great skin. SPF is a must every day and if you are concerned about ageing Hydra Collagen Serum has all you need to build strong collagen fibres.

These products are universal meaning they can be used by anyone regardless of skin type. If you have particular skin concerns we are happy to chat through a personalised homecare routine with you, just email and we will schedule a call with you.

Do exfoliators have a role in skincare? Yes, they do, just not as a daily or weekly routine. I believe that acids should only be used professionally as they all act in very different ways and are chosen or blended in clinic to your exact needs, and only if needed, such as in congested skin, pigmentation or hyperkertinisation issues.

Enzymes are safer to use at home but still should be used with professional advice only. Many good skincare routines will contain Vitamin A and Vitamin C, and as these act to promote natural exfoliation they are enough for most skin types.

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