The personal skincare touch in an online world

One of the things that has helped keep us engaged with the world, working from home and entertained is the internet.

Imagine a lockdown without the web omg!

While it is a wonderful thing that we can keep connected with work colleagues, FaceTime family and do a pretty unbelievable amount of online shopping (please tell me that’s not just me!?) it is no substitute for human connection and the personal touch.

text your skincare hotline skin essentials by mariga over photo of woman with mobile phone

Here at Skin Essentials we are turning a negative into a positive to keep connected with you.

So we can’t do treatments? No problem, we will use that spare time to talk to you! While it’s great that we can all still buy our skincare online, there is no substitute for a personal recommendation by someone who understands your skin and can listen to your needs and guide you to the solution.

So while the whole world is discovering the undoubted benefits of bringing their business digital, we are getting back to basics and are here to chat. Whether you are a long time client and want some guidance as to how to keep your skin in great condition and prepped for maximising results from treatments when we can get back to work, or if you are a new client that needs to speak to someone about getting the exactly right homecare products to care for your particular skin needs, we are here for you.

Call us on 086 3823608 or email your questions, concerns or photos to and Mariga will review them and get back to you for a real, human chat about your next steps.

In the meantime, take a look at our online shop and see our skincare products to suit your skins needs HERE.