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TERRIBLE skincare advice! Steer clear of ALL these “tips”!

I’ve just read an article on a popular Irish beauty and lifestyle website that has made my blood BOIL!

Mariga -

On a popular Irish website, an article was published yesterday that gave the WORST skincare advice. The fact that it is a very well read and followed website just makes it even worse. Wouldn’t you think that a professional website would have an editor of some sort looking out for the quality of the articles presented to their loyal following? Now, I know you can’t expect an editor to be expert in all subjects, so perhaps a beauty editor that has a clue would have helped here. To me, a qualified skincare professional and safety advocate, it reads like a (very bad) joke. Every single piece of “advice” on this DREADFUL SKINCARE ARTICLE is actually directly damaging to the skin. (LINK HERE IF YOU WANT TO READ IT)

If you don’t want to waste your time reading it (see link above), here are the high (low?) points: Continue reading