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Bad acne? We Have Good News!

Bad acne? Don’t Worry, We Have Good News!

Acne comes in many forms and while you may feel hard done by if your particular type is red, inflamed and angry while your friend has a few blackheads and occasional spots, you may be in for a pleasant surprise. 

You will be pleased to know that the worst acne is actually the easiest to treat and control!

This is because these types of acne eruptions are closer to the surface and so respond much better to treatment. Of course, you must be on the correct treatment to begin with.

Most acne cases will fall into one of the four grades below:

Grade I: Blackheads

Grade II: Blackheads and whiteheads

Grade III: Above plus papules (red, raised spots) and pustules (infected spots)

Grade IV: Above plus deep, hard nodules. This is known as cystic acne

Grades III and IV are actually the easiest to bring under control but also the most likely to scar so it is important that you take advice from a skincare professional as soon as possible to reduce the instance of post-acne scarring and other marking.

With your personalised Skin Essentials by Mariga acne treatment programme you can expect to see major improvement within 3 months with compliance.

Book your assessment now on 053 9145981 and take back control of your skin.

Are you a past acne sufferer and now have scarring left behind?  DOn’t worry – we have great options for dealing with your acne scarring so that you can leave all traces of your acne behind you and move on! Until recently there were many options for red or flat scarring such as microneedling or chemical peels and these are still a great way to improve these types of scarring but indented or pitted scars were not treatable non-surgically until recently.

We now have available to us great new technology that can dramatically improve the depth and colour of these types of scars. See the pic below for a recent result of one of our clients!

Before and after picture of indented acne scarring showing dramatic improvement in depth and colour after a series of Pyramid Facelift Treatments from Skin Essentials by Mariga in Wexford Town

Pitted acne scarring treated with Pyramid Facelift technology at Skin Essentials by Mariga

contact skin essentials by mariga, wexford

Fast results on anti-ageing, fab for the New Year!

Fast results on anti-ageing, look fab for the New Year!

Do you wish for a tighter jawline, smoother décolleté or a more even skin colour or texture?

Start now, begin to see results in time for Christmas and a fresh, new you for the New Year.

One of the best parts of our year here at Skin Essentials was bringing in brand new technologies that bring you incredible results, fast!

We have always brought you products, treatments and technologies that give results in a non-invasive, natural, skin-supporting manner but the trade off has always been in waiting for your results.

Well, not any more!

With our new technologies we can bring you lasting results fast on all of the following problem areas, so you can have your desired look in plenty of time for the party season.

This is just a selection of the treatments we offer, if you don’t see the solution you are looking for on the list just call us on 053 9145981 for more information.

Treatment: Jawline Lift

Results: Tighten jawline and under chin area with Deep Muscle Activation and Radio Frequency

Sessions Required: Six sessions, 15 minutes each, one week apart

See results in: from first treatment

Results will last: up to 18 months

Cost: €350 as a package

Before and after 5 treatments of tripollar radio frequency. Cheeks lifted, jawline tighter, double chin eliminated, mouth lines reduced, skin essentials clinic, wexford, ireland, exclusive stockist

Jawline Lift with TriPollar & DMA Before and after 5 treatments

Treatment: Décolleté (chest) Smoothing

Results: Plump and rejuvenate an ageing upper chest area

Sessions Required: Six sessions, 20 minutes each, one week apart 

See results in: From first treatment

Results will last: Up to 18 months

Cost: €350 as a package

Treatment: Pyramid Facelift

Results: Dramatic changes in skin tightening, wrinkle reduction texture and colour of the face, eyes and neck

Sessions Required: 3-6, 40 minutes each, 2-4 weeks apart

See results in: From first treatment

Results will last: 2-4 years

Cost: €990 as a package of 3

pyramid facelift, divine pro, antiageing, skin essentials by mariga, wexford

Treatment: Red vein removal/reduction

Results: Reduce and eliminate visible red veins on the face, neck & chest

Sessions Required: 1-3, 6 weeks apart

See results in: From 1 week after first treatment 

Results will last: 12-18 months+

Cost: €70 per treatment

Red vein treatment of capillaries before (left) and after first session

Treatment: Skin Tag / milia removal

Results: Reduce and eliminate small skin tags on the face, neck & chest

Sessions Required: 1-2, 6 weeks apart

See results in: From 1 week after first treatment 

Results will last: 12-18 months+

Cost: €70 per treatment

Treatment: Cryotherapy brown spot removal

Results: Reduce and eliminate brown pigment patches / sun spots / age spots

Sessions Required: 1-2, 6 weeks apart

See results in: a few days

Results will last: permanent (as long as home-care advice is followed)

Cost: from €75 per treatment

Before and after pic of large sun spot removed from female client face using cryotherapy at skin essentials by mariga skin clinic wexford ireland the home of ireland's leading skin experts

This large sun spot was treated in two sections, taken 3 weeks apart.

Treatment: Eye Bag Tightening

Results: Reduce and eliminate puffy/sagging skin under the eyes

Sessions Required: 6, 7-10 days apart

See results in: a few weeks

Results will last: 2+ years

Cost: €500 as a package of 6

Pic showing before and after close up on eye bags which have been eliminated using voluderm technology exclusive in Wexford to Skin Essentials by Mariga

Dramatic results on eye bags in six treatments – we can do a full face treatment or concentrate on just one problem area

For more information on these or any of our treatments give us a call on 053 9145981 / 086 3823608 or check out our treatments page here.

Did you know? We can create bespoke programmes tailored to your skin. Call in to us in our Wexford Town based skin clinic to arrange a bespoke Divine Pro treatment consultation free of charge.

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