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Has winter aged your skin? Enzyme therapy will help!

Do you feel like the winter has aged you? Is your skin dull, sluggish, rough or patchy? 

Don’t worry, you just need a skin reboot!

Enzyme therapy facials are perfect for skin that needs a boost after dull, drying winter has wreaked its havoc.

At Skin Essentials by Mariga’s Wexford-based skin clinic, we specialise in restoring and rejuvenating unresponsive and lacklustre skin to a beautiful, radiant healthy glow.

Utilising the rejuvenating power of natural fruit enzymes we create a series of three treatments especially for your skin which will progressively smooth, brighten, hydrate, nourish and restore your skin to a smooth, radiant, youthful complexion.

cherry in water fruit enzyme graphic from skin essentials wexford

For a deep skin restoration effect, you will have three treatments, 10-14 days apart, each tailored on the results of the last, to achieve maximum cellular stimulation. Then move on to monthly maintenance treatments to ensure your skin stays in great condition all year round.

Each enzyme therapy facial takes 45 minutes and prices start at €68 per treatment.
(You can upgrade to a deluxe 60 minute facial for even more luxury and relaxation)!

As well as the customised enzyme therapy each facial includes a comforting plant extract mask tailored for your skin on the day, biodynamic drainage or tension release facial massage, extractions if necessary and a hot stone shoulder massage. Bliss!

Some of the many fruit enzymes we may use in your customised treatment include passionfruit for firming and rejuvenating, raspberry for calming, peach for skin softening or papaya for exfoliation. But no matter which we choose, your treatment will be blissfully relaxing as well as deeply supporting for your skin, inside and out.

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The acne – food connection, what to avoid

f girl drinking milk with the word no - dairy free diet for acne as recommended by skin essentials, wexford

Foods that can contribute to acne flare ups.

When you are susceptible to acne breakouts you need to be mindful of your diet. Of course, this is true for every skin issue as a healthy digestion will always help build a healthy skin but acne-prone individuals need to watch out for more particular foods/ingredients. Many of the foods on the following list may cause no problems to you if eaten in isolation or small quantities, it is when several are combined that the load gets too great and irritation in the pores that is caused leads to breakouts.

There are different reasons why foods may contribute to skin irritation, the most common are dairy which affects skin oils, iodides which cause irritation deep in the pores and hormone-like foods which mimic the effects of testosterone/androgens/oestrogens on the skin.

If you suffer from acne it is useful to isolate the following foods for a while then reintroduce them one at a time to identify any culprits in your personal diet/skin connection.

Common foods that are known to exacerbate acne in many people are:

All dairy products
Kelp (watch out for this in multivitamins etc)
Iodised salt/sea salt (check processed foods and crisps)
Peanut Oil
Corn Oil
Soy products
Organ Meats

This is by no means a complete list, just the most common triggers. You may find that there are other foods that do not agree with your skin but this list is a good place to start looking for culprits.

Cleaning up your diet and finding your personal triggers is one aspect of controlling your acne breakouts. Getting on proper, personalised homecare, being mindful of lifestyle triggers such as makeup and sun exposure, and having the correct clinical treatments such as LED & peels will all combine to keep your skin clear and healthy.

For a personalised acne consultation book our Skin Analysis with Jane, our top acne expert or call us on 053 9145981 to discuss your needs. Of course, you can call in to our Wexford Town skin clinic any Tuesday-Saturday to see how we can help you.

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Advice on dealing with congested, bumpy skin

Mariga’s Top Tips for reducing congestion in your pores and skin

Congestion, bumpy skin texture, blackheads and whiteheads are a very common skin complaints.

I split them into two categories – surface congestion and deeper issues.

diagram of pore congestion types including acne, blackhead, whitehead, pustule

  • Surface congestion is when your skin feels rough with tiny bumps that you can feel more so than see.

This usually happens when your skin needs a little extra TLC such as after outdoor exposure like a sun or ski holiday, after illness has depleted your reserves of water in the skin, or during Winter when surface dehydration is common.

The simple fix for this problem is to do an Enzyme Exfoliation to boost your skin’s processes and smooth surface texture.

You can do this at home using a product such as our Enzyme Exfoliator or have a treatment with one of our skin therapists. This type of congestion is generally temporary and will be well on the road to gone after your first home or clinical treatment.

To prevent this kind of surface issue from occurring this winter have a look at my tips here.

  • Pore congestion is deeper and ranges from an occasional blocked pore such as a single blackhead through to multiple involvement of pores with open and closed comedones (blackheads and whiteheads) with a bumpy, uneven texture over much of the face.

Often this texture is made worse looking by attempting to cover it with makeup.

Congested, bumpy skin can be ongoing if not treated properly with appropriate home-care and clinical treatments.

As there may be many or multiple causes unique to every person, a skin analysis is advised in this case to personalise advice and recommendations for you, but there are a few things you can do/use that will be common to most people with this skin issue.

  1. DO NOT try to extract blackheads, whiteheads or milia at home. It is easy to cause scarring, pigmentation and infection when you try to DIY it.
  2. Always cleanse gently, over stripping the skin with foaming cleansers, hot water, scrubs or too-frequent exfoliation will all cause dehydration and inflammation, a recipe to congestion and dry, bumpy skin.
  3. Drink plenty of water and get lots of good fats in your diet. Salmon, avocado and nuts all help. A healthy digestive system plays a huge part in healthy skin
  4. Have professional treatments to get you going. Acid peels, enzyme peels and/or extractions will be necessary to deeply clean and reboot the skin to prepare it to absorb and use active ingredients daily for prevention.
  5. Then move on to daily prevention.

Ingredients to look for in your products:

Salicylic Acid is the first ingredient to look for.

It is a BHA (beta hydroxy acid) which is oil soluble, as opposed to AHA’s such as glucolic or lactic acids which are water-soluble.

Being oil-soluble, salicylic acid can make it’s way into pore and effect deep pore cleansing. 

Vitamin A is a must for skin health regardless of your skin type or issues. It has extra benefits for congested skin as it speeds up cellular renewal, helping to minimise formation of blockages inside the pore.

From the Skin Essentials range choose from:

Blemish Control Cream for skin that has congestion AND acne.
Age Slowly Serum for skin that has mild congestion with a tendency to comedones.
Overnight Repair Cream for skin that is over 50 and still getting occasional breakouts or comedones.

Keep skin healthy and strong with the correct skincare recommended just for you

Keep skin healthy and strong with the correct skincare recommended just for you

Note: salicylic acid and vitamin A can be contra-indicated for use during pregnancy or breast-feeding.

For best advice on this or any medical issue always check with your doctor.

Have a skincare question? Call us on 053 9145981 or just drop into our skin clinic in Selskar, Wexford for advice.

To book a treatment online, simply click the button below:

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Silk pillow: a skincare product?










Pillow talk: silk or cotton?

Next to your skincare products, the most contact your face has with any item is your pillowcase. If you are lucky you have your face pressed into your pillow for up to eight hours a night. That’s one third of your life. Have you ever given any thought to the effect on your skin your pillow choices have? Probably not, right?
I have read a lot of articles and adverts over the last couple of years touting the supposed anti-wrinkle effect of sleeping on a silk pillowcase as opposed to cotton or polyester. I have never been able to find any research supporting these claims, quite the opposite, but I can tell you that treating yourself to a silk pillowcase or two is something I heartily recommend. While it doesn’t appear to have any actual benefits which can be supported by science (yet at least), it does feel lovely on your skin. I even bring one on holidays with me.
Whatever type of pillowcase you choose, it is very important to change it often, even daily if possible, particularly if you suffer from acne or – cardinal sin- don’t cleanse your face before bed. Bacteria and debris can build up very quickly from hair products, perspiration, dust (and whatever your children/pets track in!). Really, do you want to put your lovely, clean, moisturised face on last night’s hairspray, sweat and shed skin cells? Didn’t think so.
Finally, I don’t recommend using fabric conditioner on your pillowcases. The fragrance can be irritant to skin but also it leaves a film on fabric which transfers to your skin, clogging it up and contributing to congestion in the pores.

Bonus! As Skin Essentials products are so readily absorbed by the skin and are non-greasy, they will penetrate into the skin, long before they could be transferred/absorbed by your pillow, saving your sheets and your wallet!

Now, you’re off to change your pillow case, aren’t you? 🙂

Mariga, skin expert at Skin Essentials by Mariga, Wexford

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Bacteria and your skin – all you need to know

Bacteria, makeup brushes and your skin!



In today’s post, skin expert Mariga from Skin Essentials gives you the basics on how bacteria affects the skin and simple tips to reduce your exposure to external bacteria and other irritants that can have adverse effects on your skin.

A close up of the stratum corner seen through our skin scanner - what does yours look like??

A close up of the stratum corner seen through our skin scanner – what does yours look like??

Bacteria is definitely something we have to consider when thinking about our overall skincare habits.
There are both good and bad bacteria in terms of your skin.
Good bacteria live on the skin and help keep it in balance. Keeping skin healthy and functioning well supports the work of this skin-friendly bacteria.

In today’s post I want to talk about external bacteria, the type you don’t want on your skin!

Generally, the slightly acidic nature of the human skin surface will repel most common bacteria that you will come into contact with on a daily basis, in the air or by touch. If the acid mantle fails to stop a bacterium entering the skin structure there are further defences in the immune system to protect you.
As long as these are healthy and functioning well, there is no ned to worry about normal daily contact with irritants.
To keep these defence systems operating well, simply follow the basic rules for healthy skin:

-eat clean, plenty of fruit and veg, and drink plenty of water
-don’t use harsh exfoliants
-avoid perfumed skincare and cosmetic products
-moderate sun exposure and always use and SPF30
-use quality products especially recommended for your skin

Keep skin healthy and strong with the correct skincare recommended just for you

Keep skin healthy and strong with the correct skincare recommended just for you

Sometimes, even in a healthy skin, bacteria can still cause problems such as breakouts or irritation because there are just too many invaders for the skin’s defences to cope with all at once, so some get through. To avoid this watch for sources of bacteria build up and take preventative action such as:

-clean phones with alcohol wipe weekly
-change pillowcases twice a week, more often if you have acne
-wash makeup brushes 1-2 times per month, weekly if you are using liquid products with them
-try not to touch your face unnecessarily
-use microfibre cloths to remove makeup/cleanse your face , they don’t harbour bacteria when dried flat between uses
-wash hands frequently and thoroughly with hot water and perfume-free soap
-wash scarves regularly

I hope that those simple tips help to keep your skin strong and healthy. Remember, if you have any skincare questions just drop in to our clinic in Selskar Street, Wexford Town, call us on 053 9145981 or get in touch through our Facebook page. We are always happy to help.

Mariga featured skincare expert in Xpose beauty bible



If you haven’t seen it yet, do yourself a favour and pick up Xpose magazine’s 2015 Beauty Bible. It’s a fantastic resource for skin, hair and makeup tips, tricks, product info and science bits. With room at the back to note products and techniques you would like to try, it’s a really handy book to keep nearby for beauty lovers and has fantastic expertise and to-the-point information on the how, where, and why for all things beauty.

We at Skin Essentials are also very proud that Mariga is a featured expert in the skincare section, giving her top skin tips and in-depth information on the control and treatment of acne and rosacea.

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Client testimonials and reviews for Skin Essentials by Mariga skincare

We are blessed to have a lovely and happy clientele for our skincare products and treatments. Here are just some of the comments that are left for us on our facebook page or by email. We hope it helps you to see us through a customers eyes!


Fionnuala said on Oct 15
I have been using Mariga’s products for over a year now and am so delighted with them! I have finally cleared up my spots at the age of 32 and my skin looks good. The products are great value and last for ages too. Thanks Mariga!!

Alexandra Connor said on Aug 29
I started using Marigas products two years ago. Before I started using Mariga’s products I had dry, sensitive skin which was extremely easily irritated. I had acne also and my face was very red and very painful. A few months after I started using Mariga’s product my skin was clear and two years on I only get the odd hormonal breakout. My skins no longer painful, red or sore. I have never looked back. Mariga’s products are fantastic on my sensitive skin, its now clear and glowing (I don’t need to wear makeup to cover my skin anymore and I am now proud to do it!) Mariga really knows her stuff and she will always go the extra length for her customers. I also find waxperts by Jane a brilliant service. It’s basically pain free and Jane is fantastic also. I cant recommend the products and the services enough, Im very happy with them!

emily said on Aug 23
I heard about mariga through a beauty blog, and contacted her at a period when my skin was in dire straits. Hormonal outbreaks of spots had got so bad, it was like being a teenager again. On top of that, my skin looked dull and grotty. I sent mariga photos and details my conerns, and she laid out a plan of action. Now, coming up for a year later, i am delighted with the results. Very quickly my skin settled down so that now I get very few spots, and of much less severity. My skin looks healthy, bright and smooth. I find mariga’s products to be very effective, and good value. Before this, I used a whole range of different things on my skin – various brands and various products. These days, I only use what I get from mariga, and I am very happy with the results.

Helen said on Aug 20
I first heard about Mariga on a beauty blog and contacted her through her distant client consultation form. She responded quickly and addressed my skincare concerns. As a distant client I find her very helpful if I have any questions. I have travelled down to her salon a few times where I can get a more detailed skin analysis done and indulge in some of her facials. Previously I had spent(wasted) a lot of money on different skincare products. Mariga has helped me find a skincare routine that works for me. I would highly recommend Mariga and her products.

Sheila said on Aug 20
have been using 5 skin essential products for the last 3 months. Since i had a skin consultation with Mariga. When i had my consultation withMariga she discovered that my skin was very dehydrated, red patches on my cheecks, within a month of using the products i could see a major improvement in my skin.

Lisa Cliffe said on Aug 17
I have been attending Mariga for just over a year now. I have suffered from acne and dull skin all my life but at 29 I found my skin was getting progressively worse to the extent that I would not leave the house without makeup. Since starting Marigas skin care regime my skin is noticeably brighter, smoother and clearer. I recently had a baby and I am now starting a course of peels to help with the scarring and acne. Although I have only had one peel to date the change in my skin is phenomenal. After years of using harsh acne products, various types of the contraceptive pill, duac cream, minox, dalacin t solution (to name a few) and countless over the counter acne treatments and facial cleansers I have finally found a regime that works for me. I am looking forward to continuing with my peels and seeing the improvement in my skin continue. I would definitely recommend a visit to Mariga whatever your skin type is her knowledge and enthusiasm for what she does is fantastic and without doubt she will have your skin glowing!

Cathy said on Aug 16
I started used Skin Essentials over a year ago and am delighted I did so. I previously spent a lot of time and money on so many products and nothing seemed to work for my skin. Mariga gave me great advice, was very thorough and responded quickly. I really felt like I was not just a number. I, as a long distant client, found the service excellent and will hopefully go down to Wexford some day to Skin Esstentials. I am very happy with the routine Mariga has outlined for me and it works. I look forward to placing my next order for her skincare products. Highly recommended!

Aishling said on Aug 15
I’ve been using marigasheedy skin care products for the last few months and very impressed with Mariga and her products. I did the long distance consultation in which Mariga responded with a very concise and honest reply. I also met Mariga shortly after this and was very impressed with everything she told me. Her products are impressive, Mariga is also great for liasing with if you have any queries and questions. My skin has much improved and feels great. Can’t recommend her highly enough.

Irene said on Aug 15
Since I have become a customer of yours, I have been so happy with the service. Every email I send is responded to immediately with great advice and follow up phone call if needed. I am so happy with the products and each one I try makes an even better improvement to my skin. A tiny bit of product goes such a long way and if you say the product will last 4 months, it lasts 4 months. This skin care range is the best I have come accross so far and I intend to stick with the products. Thanking you for your fantastic service.