Treatments come and go, what was once the best approach to a given skin concern may now be obsolete and social media seems to want to bring us a new skin miracle every week! It is the rise in these ‘skin hacks’ that got me thinking today about which skin treatments have really stood the test of time and proven themselves over and over to be the top modalities that have, and will continue to, stand the test of time.


  1. Microneedling – simple but very effective, microneedling is here to stay. The science is simple, a controlled stimulation of growth factors and the natural healing cascade controls the quality and quantity of collagen fibres in the skin to slow the visible ageing process. Available in many formats, whether as a stand alone or combined with other technologies microneedling works when applied properly to the appropriate skin concern. Even better, the research has moved on from the early days when it was thought that bleeding had to be achieved for the process to work. We now know that this isn’t the case, making microneedling an easier treatment to have with far less downtime.
  2. LED light therapy. Another simple but very effective technology, specific wavelengths of light reach the chromophores in our skin (light receptors that act as messengers to the skin telling it what to do). The most common applications are red light at 530 nanometer range to boost collagen production and reduce inflammation, and blue light at 420nm to kill acne bacteria. It pairs very well with microneedling to speed the process of healing but can also be used in a facial to increase the energy in the skin cells to increase the uptake and effectiveness of products applied. The key to successful LED treatments is to use a very high quality device for the correct time depending on action desired.
  3. Facial massage. Used as a beauty and healing tool since ancient times, massage is more than a feel-good factor. Applied in different techniques to produce specific results it is the hero of facial treatments and the most natural anti-ager there is. From lymphatic drainage as part of a facial to de-puff the skin, it also has applications in skin tightening (Japanese facelift), product absorption, and deep relaxation through the action of stimulating and soothing the many nerve endings in the face which connect directly to the brain.
  4. Ingredients – whether in our clinical treatments or our homecare products you will never find ‘fad’ ingredients in our skincare. We are lucky to live in a time where skincare science is so advanced and we know exactly what ingredients our skin needs to thrive and this is what you will find in our products. Most importantly, they are used in the correct quantity to actually have the best effect. Yes, occasionally a new ingredient will come to the market that makes a big splash and we will always consider adding a new ingredient where it truly has a unique effectiveness and can do the job better than any current formula. The most important ingredients to include in your skincare routine are, of course, SPF, essential fatty acids (Lipid Repair Concentrate), collagen building blocks such as epidermal growth factors and amino acids (Hydra Collagen Serum) and multivitamins (C&E Advanced Skin Booster).

You will never find fads at Skin Essentials, just solid, proven skincare treatments with  proven effectiveness.

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