• One of Vivienne Connolly and Norma Sheahan's favourite skincare products A hero product for repairing and restoring the skin barrier, Lipid Repair Concentrate is a must-have for all skin types. When the skin barrier is strong dryness, irritated skin and rough texture are gradually eliminated while new, healthy skin cells are protected for long-term skin health and youthfulness.
  • Celebrity favourite product Vivienne Connolly, Norma Sheahan skincare, Skin Essentials by Mariga
  • One of Vivienne Connolly’s favourite skincare products
    Our best-selling SPF30 Antioxidant + Moisturiser + Mineral SPF30.
  • Hydrating Cream with Hyaluronic Acid

    A rich yet lightweight formula gives great hydration using high-grade hyaluronic acid and natural plant oils, leaving a fresh feeling to the skin. Use over treatment serum at night and in the morning if required. Choose when skin does not tend to be dry/tight or flaky.
  • One of Vivienne Connolly and Norma Sheahan's favourite skincare products Our Age Slowly Serum is a super-smart formula designed to reduce and prevent visible signs of ageing on the skin such as lines, wrinkles and discolouration. Bonus - it fights congestion and pimples too. Highly recommended.
  • A lovely, lightweight night repair cream that works progressively to reduce and prevent the visible signs of ageing and damage: lines, wrinkles, pigmentation, old scars and dull skin.
  • Our Celebrity Favourite C & E+ Advanced Skin Booster is THE treatment serum your skin needs!


    • Antioxidant Boost for skin protection and repair
    • Smooths texture
    • Instantly brightens
    • Boosts collagen production
    • Promotes natural exfoliation
    • Reduces formation of dark spots

    Who can benefit:

    All skins except reactive or very dry.

    This is an advanced homecare product designed to take your skincare routine to the next level. It is an intensive and highly active formula that works directly and quickly on many skin processes for great results, but because of this it is not suitable for those with a compromised skin barrier. If you have very dry or sensitised skin we recommend using our calming and moisturising products such as the Skin Comfort Range to get your skin in great condition before adding advanced protocols and products.


    Incorporate into your current homecare routine twice per week for a surge of anti-oxidant, exfoliation and brightening benefits. Shake the bottle then apply a generous amount to clean skin. Allow to absorb for a few moments then follow with your usual day/night oil or cream.

  • This rich, nourishing, comforting oil has been specially developed to supply nutrients and protection to vulnerable skin.

    Particularly recommended to help ease the discomfort of very dry and compromised skin caused by medical treatments such as chemotherapy, it is however suitable for skin that has become very dry for any reason.
  • An absolute MUST have for women approaching menopause. Mix in with your favourite Skin Essentials Cream for targeted action on the skin thinning and creasing associated with oestrogen loss. Download Mariga’s free ebook – Home Skincare Guide

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  • Eve Taylor Age Resist Replenishing Neck Cream Avocado & Frankincense

    This creamy, targeted moisturiser nourishes and hydrates the delicate neck area with vitamin rich lipids and replenishing essential oils to strengthen the skins barrier and offering a more healthy epidermis.

    Skin type/condition:

    Mature, ageing or pre-maturely ageing.

    Features & benefits:

    See below
  • This serum moisturises, cares for and repairs the skin, reduces brown spots, has a firming effect, improves the elasticity of the skin, prevents & reduces wrinkles.  
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    This Customer Favourite Skincare Bundle includes:

    • Hydra Collagen Serum
    • Advanced Protection SPF30
    • Skin Comfort Cleanser
    • Lipid Repair Concentrate
    • Skin Comfort Cream
    • C & E+ Advanced Skin Booster
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    Paperback copy of Mariga's Home Skincare Guide the perfect companion book for anyone using, or considering starting, Skin Essentials by Mariga homecare products and protocols. This guide will help you in choosing, combining and using Skin Essentials by Mariga home skincare products for the best results on your skin. (You can also choose an instant free downloadable ebook option here)
  • Golden Eye Pads - Collagen eye pads with colloidal gold.

    They smooth and reduce wrinkles and crow’s feet.
    Collagen eye pads formulated for mature skin. Colloidal gold and hyaluronic acid formula increases the thickness of the dermis, moisturises, plumps up lines and firms the skin in the eye area.
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    Core Essentials

    The Perfect Gift!

    Universal gift, suitable for all skin types. Contains:
    • Skin Comfort Cleanser
    • Skin Comfort Cream
    • C & E+ Advanced Skin Booster
  • A rich, creamy cleanser with soothing Oatmeal and conditioning Camellia oil to gently cleanse as it nourishes the skin.

    Skin is left feeling soothed and nurtured.

    Skin type/condition:



    Deeply nourishing and hydrating to leave skin feeling soft and supple. May be applied as a 5 minute mini masque to soothe areas of redness. Skin is instantly soothed whilst being gently cleansed.

    How to use:

    Spread a thin layer of Ultra Soothing Cleanser over the face and neck and cleanse in gentle circular motions. For enhanced cleansing benefits use with dampened Facial Cleansing Brush. Alternatively Ultra Soothing Cleanser may be dispensed onto cotton pads and wiped over the face to cleanse. Rinse thoroughly with tepid water, damp washcloth or damp cotton pads
  • If you are going to receive or have a received a Pyramid Facelift treatment, in order to prepare your skin and gain optimum results after your treatment(s), you need to have a good home skincare routine hitting all the points needed for your skin in this Pyramid Skincare Package:

    The best home products will contain:

    • Peptides
    • Epidermal Growth Factors
    • Vitamins, especially A,C,E
    • Anti-oxidants
    • Essential Fatty Acids
    • Hyaluronic Acid

    Hydra Collagen Serum

    Morning Serum - Use each morning on clean, dry skin. Smooth SPF30 moisturiser after you let Hydra Collagen Serum settle into the skin for 5/10mins. Containing collagen peptides, epidermal growth factor, vitamin c, anti-oxidants and hyaluronic acid. This is a must-have for the synthesis and maintenance of strong collagen fibres. Apply all over face and eye area daily under SPF30 Day Cream.

    Lipid Repair Concentrate

    Evening Serum  - Use each night on cleansed, dry skin. This can be your last step of the night or if your skin is feeling particularly dry you can smooth your night cream/moisturiser over it after 5/10mins. A bio-identical blend of natural oils and essential fatty acids, this velvety facial oil will replenish depleted natural lipid levels and stimulate healthy oil flow in any skin that is fragile, dry or dehydrated. Use at night alone or under your night cream.

    C & E+ Advanced Skin Booster

    Use this treatment serum twice a week for a total anti-oxidant boost to the skin. Depending on your skin condition, you can use this serum as your last step of the night on cleansed, dry skin. If your skin is feeling particularly dry, use your usual night cream/moisturiser over this serum, but leave C & E+ Advanced Skin Booster on the skin for up to 15 mins before layering your cream.


    • Antioxidant Boost for skin protection and repair
    • Smooths texture
    • Instantly brightens
    • Boosts collagen production
    • Promotes natural exfoliation
    • Reduces formation of dark spots


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