Rosacea is a long game.

Not necessarily what people want to hear when they contact us for help with this common skin condition, but it is the fact.

Things that you do consistently every day to protect and support your skin will build up progressively to strengthen your skin over time and leave you with a much calmer-looking skin colour with fewer flare ups.

Diet, stress and general health do play an important role in understanding and controlling your particular rosacea experience but in this post I want to focus on the role of great skincare.

The aim of your homecare in rosacea control is daily doses of anti-inflammatory, skin-strengthening, high-impact ingredients that over time will calm the appearance of rosacea and reduce the incidence of associated flare-ups by strengthening the skin’s barrier and inflammatory response systems.

There are 4-5 core products that need to be in every rosacea routine:

  1. Skin Comfort Cleanser – this humble product is vitally important as it is an oil-based cleanser that will gently yet thoroughly cleanse without ever stripping your skin, vital when we are trying to build back up your natural barrier.
  2. Lipid Repair Concentrate – balances and restores the lipid layers of your skin to enable a healthy oil/water balance, again to support the production and maintenance or a healthy functioning skin barrier.
  3. Hydra Collagen Serum – this is your anti-inflammatory powerhouse, progressively helping to control
  4.  redness and inflammation in the epidermis. Also contains epidermal growth factor to thicken the upper layers.
  5. SPF30 Advanced Day Cream – UV exposure aggravates all skin disorders, including rosacea. This daily moisturiser with UVA & UVB filers, anti-oxidants and minerals will give you a comfortable defence against the sun.
  6. Skin Comfort Cream – if the skin is also dry then we recommend using this rich yet non-greasy cream fortified with calming ingredients at night, mixed or layered
  7. Skin comfort cream 800pxwith Lipid Repair Concentrate. For normal to oilier skins the Lipid Repair on its own is often enough.

Once the skin is strengthened and the inflammatory response is becoming less volatile we recommend introducing a vitamin A product. This normalises many functionsin the skin and helps thicken and strengthen deeper layers. Age Slowly Serum is great used once or twice a week at night under your other products.

These products are all suitable for men and women of any age.

Bonus – all of our rosacea products recommended above will also act as your anti-ageing skincare going forward!

Facials – we don’t always recommend active product-based facials particularly in the early days of rosacea control, but we do offer LED light treatments which are more suitable when beginning a rosacea programme. From our holistic suite of treatments the one to consider for an inside-out approach to rosacea control is neuro-facial reflexology which will be adapted for you to ficus on anti-inflammatory and hormonal balancing to treat from the root cause.

For visible red veins we may recommend diathermy when the skin is stronger to reduce the appearance of capillaries.

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