Voluderm Fractional Radiofrequency ( also known as RF Microneedling) is having a big moment in the press again right now, maybe you’ve heard about it and are wondering what it’s all about?

We have been offering this fabulous skin tightening and rejuvenation for four years now (exclusive in Wexford Town) and it has consistently been our top-requested treatment in that time.

Rf Microneedling is a combination of two classic anti-ageing treatments delivered at the same time. Radiofrequency for skin tightening and microneedling for collagen induction. The radio frequency is delivered deep into the skin via the micro needles. It is a quick treatment which takes less than 30 minutes. You can expect some redness and tenderness in the skin for a few days after treatment but this can be covered with a gentle makeup if required. Check out the video below to see the changes in my skin after my first treatment!

There are many customisable options with our Divine Pro fractional radio frequency machine because it has four different technologies that can be combined and layered to achieve results on many skin types and stages.

Today I want to focus on two of those options – the Voluderm Deep and Voluderm Intense. Combining the skin tightening and collagen boosting power of straight radio frequency with a fractional radio frequency applied after (this is where microneedling and radio frequency are combined to volumes, lift and tighten). Voluderm Lifting is the one to choose when your main concern is loss of volume, hollowness under eyes or cheeks, flattening of the cheeks. There are many options but below are the two newest ones compared so that you can see how they differ (remember this is just a general guide, we will always further customise for you once we have completed a full consultation).


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