SPF30 large size 100ml (U)


One of Vivienne Connolly’s favourite skincare products

Our best-selling SPF30 Antioxidant + Moisturiser + Mineral SPF30.


You asked, and we finally have been able to bring out our SPF30 antioxidant moisturiser in a 30% larger size, but still travel-friendly! The new packaging is 100ml so you can still bring it in your carry-on flight luggage and the straight cylindrical shape means no more product getting lodged in the bottle!

At €45 it is a great price too for 100ml of mineral SPF, anti-oxidants, moisturiser and vitamin treatment in one. Apply over Hydra Collagen Serum daily for the best possible anti-ageing and skin protection duo.

Broad spectrum UVA UVB protection.

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