Age Slowly Line Reducing Serum (C)


One of Vivienne Connolly and Norma Sheahan’s favourite skincare products

Our Age Slowly Serum is a super-smart formula designed to reduce and prevent visible signs of ageing on the skin such as lines, wrinkles and discolouration. Bonus – it fights congestion and pimples too. Highly recommended.



Our amazing Age Slowly serum is now available!

Incorporating ALL of the proven, gold-standard ingredients for reducing the visible signs of ageing as well as STELLAR anti-oxidants for cellular repair, this serum is at the top of the anti-ageing game. Suitable for all stages of ageing as it will prevent lines and slow the formation of age spots as well as reducing lines and pigmentation that has already formed.

Mariga recommends: “Use this serum two to three nights per week for wrinkle prevention. If you already have visible lines/wrinkles use every night under your other products.”

-Vitamin A derivative (line reducing and preventing)

-Collagen Peptides (collagen finer strength and production)

-Hyaluronic Acid (plumping and revitalising)

-Dismutase Super Oxide (naturally occurring super-repair ingredient)

-Multi-anti-oxidant blend (for cellular repair and protection)

Use one pump at night only, after cleansing, as the first step in your Age Slowly routine. Follow with Lipid Repair Concentrate, Skin Comfort Cream or Hydrating Cream as recommended. Do not use with our Overnight Repair Cream.


**Not suitable during pregnancy**

See Mariga’s Facebook video here for usage tips!

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