Introduction To Facial Reflexology Sorensensistem™

Course Date:

15th May 2023


Golden Egg School Of Holistic Therapies, Portlaoise.

Course Content:

Learn the background to this fascinating therapy, the theory behind the method, and some simple applications to use at home or to add to another therapy in your practice.

  • Find out what makes the Sorensensistem™ of facial reflexology unique.
  • Gain an understanding of the method and find out if the full education is the right career choice for you.
  • Have all your questions answered.
  • How To Use Facial Micro Maps – Basic Manual Stimulation Facial Reflexology Techniques
  • Get supervised hands-on practice to ensure correct technique.
  • Two different protocols demonstrated and practiced with you – one for emotional and one for hormonal balancing with printed charts to take away.

Download the course details here:

Intro Day Facial Reflexology Course Content Slide Deck


About Lone Sorensen

Concept Creator, Lone Sorensen, Denmark

Award winner – Women’s Education Expert – International Speaker and Trainer – Author Lone Sorensen is a therapist educated in acupuncture, reflexology, kinesiology, aroma therapy, and laser therapy. She is the Danish woman behind the world’s largest school of Facial Reflexology and Neuro Reflex therapy.

She pioneers a method called Neuro-Reflex Therapy, a methodology for physical and mental health and wellness combining therapies from oriental medicine and primitive techniques of aborigines. The therapeutic methods also include Temprana therapy, which is a rehabilitation method of parents’ home training method for children with brain damage, syndromes, and mental and learning problems.

She dedicated 10 years of her professional experience to Denmark and 13 years to Argentina and has been based in Spain since 2001.
Lone Sorensen started her first school in Copenhagen, Denmark, and opened 3 schools in Argentina after that. Her methods and concepts were approved in 2000 by the centre “Kurhuset” for patients with brain damage in Denmark.

In 2021, Lone was selected by O.M.H.S (Humanity World Organization Pro-Health in Argentina), receiving three Nobiliary titles for her work in Argentina. Lone has led many projects in the Argentinian Amazon, Guatemala, the Desert in Oman, and Denmark.

At present, Lone Sorensen is the owner of the International School of Reflex therapy and teaches with 35 instructors and 30 hands-on trainers her patented concept of Reflex therapy in 26 countries around the world.


About The Trainer Mariga Sheedy

I am a facial reflexologist, holistic skin therapist, reflexologist, aromatherapist, trainer and speaker for the holistic and beauty industries.

Now 32 years in the wellness and beauty industries, I have run my own skincare and holistic wellness businesses since 2000.

Since first training with Lone Sorensen in Japanese Facelift, I have gone on to specialise in facial reflexology, particularly in the area of emotional healing.

I deeply connected with these techniques and was so fascinated by the results obtained in my treatment room that I felt called to share this incredible technique with the holistic community so that as many practitioners as possible can benefit from the results, satisfaction and energetic connection.

Last year, I became the official trainer in Ireland for the Lone Sorensen Institute.




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