Glowing Skin Kit for mums-to-be


Created specially for the needs of mums-to-be, this luxurious and comforting skincare kit restores the water and oil levels,  giving back comfort and radiance.

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We have created this universal glowing skin kit for mums-to-be, to contain all of the water and oil based nutrients your skin will need to make sure you are a radiant mum-to-be.

The products, individually and together, provide all the nutrients your skin needs to thrive, and may not be getting in the correct quantities as nourishment from the diet is redirected to your growing baby.

It is suitable for all skin types except very oily and can be used safely throughout pregnancy and during breast-feeding. It makes a lovely gift for a special someone in your life or a beautiful treat for yourself!

Usage: Apply one pump of Hyaluronic+ Moisture Boost to damp skin straight after cleansing. Include the eye contour area.

Skin Comfort Oil and Skin Comfort Cream may be applied singly, mixed or layered depending on your skin’s level of dryness day to day. Apply straight after Hyaluronic+ Moisture Boost.

Save €16 on individual product prices when you buy the kit, and as a bonus it is beautifully presented for gifting.

Tip: Don’t forget SPF30 during the day, apply last in your routine. Check out Mariga’s recommendation here.

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