Enzyme Powder

Enzymatic Exfoliation Powder

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A quick yet powerful skin treatment to deeply soften, smooth and revitalise dull skin.

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Product Description

A powder blend Enzyme Exfoliator for gentle but thorough exfoliation and skin brightening.

With pineapple, bamboo extract, Reship Extract, Salain, Niacinamide, Liquorice Root extract, Arbutus, Kojic acid, Kiwi extract, allantoin and lemongrass,

this deceptively simple powder is a deep anti-oxidant and revitalising boost for your skin.

Mix a level teaspoon of powder with warm water to make a thin paste and apply to the skin. Leave for 5 minutes then very gently massage into skin with wet fingertips for a further minute. Rinse well with warm water and microfibre cloth. Follow with your normal daily routine or apply a mask of your choice. 

Use twice per month or as skin needs a revitalising boost.

Keep out of eyes. Not suitable for those who are pregnant or nursing.


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