New Treatments For 2022

I can hardly believe we are looking at another year’s end!

It’s definitely true that the older you get the faster they go 😱

Having said that, January is always one of my favourite times of the year, I feel like it is a blank canvas full of possibility and I love to spend time thinking of how I want the year to go and creating goals and challenges for myself, and for the business.

For 2022, we are ready to jump straight into new treatment offerings. As always we take your feedback and requests and create the treatments that YOU have asked for.

Thank you so much for the continued support of Skin Essentials, particularly in what has been a very challenging year for all businesses, we appreciate you very much.

Here’s  three new treatments that we have planned for 2022 (so far!) Launching January and available to pre-book now.

1. Collagen Glow 2.0 – For A Fast Glow Up

For 2022 we have taken one of your old favourite treatments and given it a brand new update.

Meet the Collagen Glow 2.0!

We have added an organic mineral skin booster and a blast of light therapy to this radiofrequency facial to triple the collagen boosting power while keeping the indulgent and relaxing experience that you love.

The Collagen Glow has always been one of your top choices for a fast lift and tighten glow, especially before a event and we know you’re going to love the powered-up version even more.

Targeting collagen production 3 ways for anti-ageing, lift & tighten.

Blending state of the art technologies and powerful ingredients from nature to boost skin firmness in 3 levels of the skin.

Radiofrequency targets collagen fibers at the deepest dermal level to retighten old collagen that has lost its tensile strength as well as stimulating new collagen production.

Celluma Light Therapy accelerates the process of collagen synthesis that is begun by the radiofrequency and helps eliminate redness and inflammation.

Natural clays, minerals and crushed gemstones are applied in a mask to firm the upper layers and surface of the skin.

Skincare treatments, skin essentials by Mariga, Wexford

2. Four Week Rewind – Long Term Solution For Ageing Skin

Take years off your face and get set up for slower ageing into the future.

This one is specifically aimed at skin showing the first signs of ageing, choose this when you want to see the old you back in the mirror!

  • First lines around the eyes and forehead
  • Loss of volume around the cheeks and mouth
  • Hollowness under the eyes
  • Laxity on face and neck
  • Dull skin
  • Texture changes – not as smooth or tight as it used to be

Each package will have:

  • x2 Voluderm Intense skin plumping and tightening using our famous Pyramid Facelift technology
  • x3 Japanese Facelift to lift and resculpt the stiff muscles and tightened connective tissue that drags your face down over time

Results to expect:

See the old you gradually come back into focus.

Combining elements of these two protocols to create a bespoke solution for you gives us a full-system approach to target the particular causes of your skin changes.

Japanese Facelift gets ALL the systems working that contribute to skin condition including blood and lymph circulation, stimulating muscles and nerve endings, along with energy flow, and this in turn will maximise the results obtained from the high-tech portion of the series by facilitating maximum healing and receptiveness of the skin cells to the radiofrequency energy and microneedling stimulation.

Your frequency of treatments will be set at your initial consultation and will ideally be done in 3-4 weeks depending on your individual skin factors.

You can purchase this package right now on our shop to secure the January Offer Price, then contact us to set your starting date. (We don’t recommend self-selecting your first booking online as we will need to determine first what order we will set your treatment series depending on your skin condition).

This series will rewind years off your face and set you up for slower ageing into the future.

Package price New Year Offer 2022 €900 (Value €1060)

As always, sticking to your recommended home skincare routine before during and after your treatments will maximise results and longevity. Do you need help with homecare? Just let us know and we will be happy to help.

Contact us about this or any other skincare questions on

Note: there is some downtime associated with the Voluderm Intense treatments, you can expect your skin to be red for a few days after, please bear this in mind when looking at your scheduling. Anyone with autoimmune system disorders, blood disorders or on certain blood thinning or steroidal medications may not be suitable for Voluderm. If you think this may be the case for you just give us a call on 086 3823608 to discuss an alternative solution.

Skincare treatments, skin essentials by Mariga, Wexford

3. LED Facial – Classic Skin Treat With A Twist

For fans of the classic facial, this one delivers everything you expect from a spa type facial, with the addition of a high-tech power-up!

A powered-up version of our classic facial, this specialist treatment includes a targeted light therapy treatment (collagen boosting or anti-blemish) with a customised mask, enzyme treatment and facial massage. Choose this for your regular skin maintenance facial.

Skincare treatments, skin essentials by Mariga, Wexford

We hope there is something for everyone in these New Year Specials and of course we can also create the perfect customised solution for your skin needs. Call us on 086 3823608 to discuss your needs, we are here to help.