Lemon & Lactic Lightening Boost after summer sun

For skin that needs colour lightening or evening out after the summer sun and wind exposure.

For those that suffer from uneven skin tone or pigmentation issues such as melasma, the end of summer is often a time when these skin conditions present at their worst.

Constant exposure to higher levels of UV rays from the sun and skin-stressors such as wind, salt water or chlorinated pools all combine to make discolouration issues worse. Add to that the fact that we advise not to have peels during the warmer months and those already prone to it can end up with blotchy discolouration as we move out of summer.

The good news is that now that the sun is no longer at it’s strongest in this part of the world, we can go ahead and brighten and lighten that skin back up! We combine the power of acid peels with fruit enzymes to gently but effectively lighten up areas of background darker pigmentation. (Note: for defined dark patches, also known as sun spots or age spots, we do a targeted cryotherapy treatment, this is a different condition).

Using our beautiful lemon zest enzyme with brightening acids of lactic, kojic and glycolic as well as arbutin, a gentle skin lightener extracted from the bearberry plant, we can design a course of peels just for you whether you need a single deep boost or a progressive course of peels to get your skin back to its radiant, even-toned best.

Because our brightening peels use a blend of different acids, enzymes and plant extracts, they work simultaneously on different levels of the skin to stop pigment formation at several points along its life cycle, giving the best possible and longest-lasting results.

Start your peels in September to restore an even, bright skin tone all through the winter and keep your skin glowing and hydrated all year.

Peels can be taken singly for a quick boost, monthly for maintenance or in a series of 3 or 6 taken weekly for correction, before moving on to monthly maintenance. Our skin experts can recommend the best option for you, just give us a call or drop in for a quick chat.

Prices start at €70 for a single acid peel (30 minutes) and package prices apply to courses paid in advance.