How can you have lifted, rejuvenated skin by Christmas?

Easy! Let’s get you started on a course of skin lifting treatments…

Lifting and tightening are the two words we hear most from new clients when you talk about the changes you would like to see in your skin.

At Skin Essentials we specialise in non-invasive lifting treatments, from the super high-tech to the holistic, we have an option to fit your preferences and needs.

A general outline of our top services for skin lifting are below, of course we will customise each treatment/package for you. To get the best option for your needs a consultation is required. For new clients it is best to schedule an initial consultation, you can do that online here

For existing regular clients, if I already know your skin you won’t need to have a full consultation, simply call or email me and we will discuss best options. If it has been some time since your last visit with me, go ahead and book a new consultation.

Mariga x

Our top Lifting Services:

  • Pyramid Facelift – the high tech option:
    • Done in a course of 3 at least 10 days apart. Each takes approx 30 minutes and has some downtime (2-5 days of redness, don’t worry, you can wear makeup from day 2).
    • This utilises RF microneedling, an advanced combination of radiofrequency skin tightening with microneedling collagen induction, expect tighter, smoother skin with a reduction in lines and wrinkles. Read more here
  • Japanese Facelift – the holistic option:
    • This all-natural holistic approach to face lifting and sculpting needs 6-10 treatments taken at a rate of a minimum one per week, two if you can manage the time.
    • Each 60 minute treatment is incredibly relaxing and gives visible results from the first treatment. Incorporating techniques from facial reflexology, classic japanese lifting and lymphatic drainage, expect a fresher overall look with a visibly contoured neck, jawline and eye area. Read more here

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