DMA is Deep Muscle Activation

a technology exclusive to The Divine Pro skin technology platform that also brings us the Pyramid Facelift.

DMA is specifically used to work on the jawline area.

It works by tightening and lifting the connective tissue called SMAS that is unique to the jawline area of the face.

This is one for you to consider if re-tightening the contour of the lower face is a priority for you ( and it seems to have become a bigger priority for many in this time of Zoom meetings and seeing ourselves on camera all the time).

From combining in a single treatment with a radiofrequency facial for a super-quick lift and tighten effect for a special occasion, to taking in a focused series for long-term results, this is customisable to your needs.

Watch the video for a quick demo and if you have any questions just reach out and I’d be delighted to help.

Mariga x


Ph: 086 3823608

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