Davina’s 30? Selling Sunset has us shook…

Does anyone else watch Selling Sunset on Netflix here?

I have to say I was floored when I discovered Amanza is 43 and Davina (who seems way older) is only 30!

We know its Hollywood but sometimes its fun for us to have a look at what we would recommend for them (pretending they come waltzing through the door one day 🤩).

First off, Amanza who is 43 has beautiful glowing sallow skin. So clear and dewy. But it’s Hollywood, we know there’s a tonne of make-up and perfect lighting on these girls, but bare with us.

Amanza definitely takes care of her skin. She probably drinks plenty of water, has a great home skincare routine and gets facial treatments regularly. She looks quite natural so we might be a bit naïve here and say she’s gone down the non-invasive root!? (although her forehead is looking a bit too perfect here…)

If someone like Amanza came into the Skin Essentials clinic, we would be recommending these homecare products:

Skin Essentials advanced skin treatments we’d recommend for Amanza:

  • Exceed Mironeedling – Recommended for age 25 to 45yrs to have a course of 4 over a 6 month period:
    • For skin that is showing the first signs of ageing or as an occasional collagen boost on younger skin as a pre-ageing prevention treatment. 
    • Also suitable for anyone who wants to deeply revitalise their skin whether to get started on a new skin programme, to give a reboot after winter or to maintain results of a deeper corrective programme.
    • A great choice when open pores are your main concern.
  • Mesotherapy Dermal Infusion Hyaluronic Acid – Recommended for age 30 to 45yrs. We would recommend Amanza to get a boost of this treatment every 6 months after having a course of Exceed microneedling.
    • This treatment delivers incredible hydration – not just at the surface like a facial – but deep into the epidermis where it works to produce beautiful smooth, dewy revitalised skin from the inside out.
    • Available in single treatments for those who just need a bit of a pep-up on tired, dehydrated or dull skin, or as an intensive series to restore the youthful glow to dry skin with fine lines.

Now onto Davina. She’s a beautiful woman, flawless skin and clearly has good genes, but there’s something about her that makes her look that much older then she really is!?

Of course a lot of it comes down to personality and mannerisms that can sometimes make a person seem a bit older, but there are definitely ways to care for your skin to maintain that youthful look, especially at the tender age of 30.

We would advise this home skincare routine below:

Skin Essentials advanced skin treatments we’d recommend for Davina:

  • LipoFirmMed Skin Tightening – Recommended for age 30 to 60yrs to have a course of 6 over a 6 month period:
    • This course of treatment is performed all over the face, eye contours and neck for visible results such as tighter jawline and eye area contours, neck lines are beautifully smoothed, and an over all lifted and brightened appearance to the skin.
    • We would want to specifically tighten Davinas jawline to give more of a youthful look.
    • This is a non-invasive skin tightening and lifting treatment which contributes to a firmer and more youthful-looking face, results can be seen from the first treatment.

We would also recommend Davina to have a monthly luxury facial, if anything it would help her relax as it would melt away the tensions from the work day.

Here’s the full description of our 45 min Bespoke facial treatment: Drift off in relaxation while we deeply cleanse, massage and treat your skin with a specially chosen blend of deluxe ingredients including masks/enzyme therapy and a beautifully relaxing hot stone shoulder massage.

There you have it, if you’re a 30 year old who looks like you’re 45, or a 45 year old who looks like you’re 30, it all comes down to skincare and the correct treatments for your skin to attain the youthful results you want.

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Happy binging Selling Sunset 😊