Barrier Disruption – dry, dehydrated, irritated skin. (The lockdown effect).

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The lockdown effect – Barrier disruption is not something new, in fact it is one of the first conditions we treat almost every new client for, before we can go on to addressing other concerns such as ageing.

Without an intact skin barrier practically all the skin processes will be disrupted leading to one or more of the following:

  • Dehydration and dryness
  • Increased redness and sensitivity
  • Breakouts of tiny, sore pimples
  • Slow healing
  • Dull, sluggish skin

Now that we have all been in lockdown to some level for a couple of months I am beginning to hear from you that some of these issues are popping up despite following your homecare routine as normal.

But these are not normal times, the other factors that influence your skin are changing to various degrees so to keep your skin balanced we need to change up your homecare just a little to keep up.

Here are some of the things that are affecting almost everyone’s skin barrier right now:

  1. Stress! The biggest one. Worrying about your loved ones, especially those that are most vulnerable is very stressful on your mind and body.
    • The disruption in hormone balance brought about by stress has a direct effect on your skin. We are all also concerned about how our jobs will be affected, many have small children at home and others have no outside space in their homes to escape to. Is it any wonder our skin is acting up?!
  2. Sugar, whether from letting the healthy diet slide while we all bake unaccustomed amount of cakes or the weekend glass of wine becoming a daily un-winder right now, for most of us our diet has changed to some degree.
    • This shows on the skin as inflammation, redness, puffiness and eventually accelerated ageing.
  3. Hair products. Root touch up sprays, home colour, extra hairspray to try to control our fast-growing-out hair along with dry shampoos can have the effect of irritating the scalp and along the hairline, leading to sore spots, dehydration and irritation.
    • Do your best to keep these products away from the face, especially taking care along the forehead, if possible.

To get your skin barrier strengthened up again there are a few steps you can take. Obviously, try to minimise any of the above triggers that apply to you.

Next, give your skin a break from all active products except the ones that are especially designed for barrier repair. In the Skin Essentials range this means stopping all your water-based serums and Overnight Repair Cream (the most active products) for a week and using the barrier repairing products intensively (Lipid Repair Concentrate, Skin Comfort Cream, Skin Comfort Cleanser) for those days.

The aim is to give the skin cells a break from all processes except those that will rebuild your skins natural protective outer barrier. Once that has been restored you can revert to your usual routine. Here is what your routine would look like during an intensive barrier repair phase:



  1. Rinse with warm water and microfiber cloth, no cleanser.
  2. Mix one pump of Lipid Repair Concentrate with one pump Skin Comfort Cream and massage gently into the skin.
  3. Apply SPF30


  1. Cleanse with Skin Comfort Cleanser, remove with microfiber cloth
  2. Mix one pump of Lipid Repair Concentrate with one pump Skin Comfort Cream and massage gently into the skin.

For most temporary skin barrier disruption a week of the above should get you back on track, for a more severe disruption we would advise you to stick to it for a month before reintroducing your other products.

Does this sound like your skin? To help make it easy for you to get back on track I have put together all the products mentioned above in a bundle at a special price while stocks last.

Of course, all of the products are available individually from our webshop if you already have some of them at home, and we are continuing our free shipping for all orders over €50 with the code FREESHIP50 until we are open again.

Is your skin acting up? Let me know if I can help you or answer any questions, just get in touch on 086 3823608 or and I’ll be happy to help.

Mariga x