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Has winter aged your skin? Enzyme therapy will help!

Do you feel like the winter has aged you? Is your skin dull, sluggish, rough or patchy? 

Don’t worry, you just need a skin reboot!

Enzyme therapy facials are perfect for skin that needs a boost after dull, drying winter has wreaked its havoc.

At Skin Essentials by Mariga’s Wexford-based skin clinic, we specialise in restoring and rejuvenating unresponsive and lacklustre skin to a beautiful, radiant healthy glow.

Utilising the rejuvenating power of natural fruit enzymes we create a series of three treatments especially for your skin which will progressively smooth, brighten, hydrate, nourish and restore your skin to a smooth, radiant, youthful complexion.

cherry in water fruit enzyme graphic from skin essentials wexford

For a deep skin restoration effect, you will have three treatments, 10-14 days apart, each tailored on the results of the last, to achieve maximum cellular stimulation. Then move on to monthly maintenance treatments to ensure your skin stays in great condition all year round.

Each enzyme therapy facial takes 45 minutes and prices start at €68 per treatment.
(You can upgrade to a deluxe 60 minute facial for even more luxury and relaxation)!

As well as the customised enzyme therapy each facial includes a comforting plant extract mask tailored for your skin on the day, biodynamic drainage or tension release facial massage, extractions if necessary and a hot stone shoulder massage. Bliss!

Some of the many fruit enzymes we may use in your customised treatment include passionfruit for firming and rejuvenating, raspberry for calming, peach for skin softening or papaya for exfoliation. But no matter which we choose, your treatment will be blissfully relaxing as well as deeply supporting for your skin, inside and out.

Book your enzyme facial online by clicking the link below:


Skincare treatments, skin essentials by Mariga, Wexford

Skincare stages in decades

We just get one skin to last a lifetime so taking care of it from your teens and adapting to changes as you age will keep your skin healthy and fit as long as you are! I wrote a previous post about how age is not a skin type to explain why you can’t purchase skincare according to classifications such as ‘mature’ skin and have since had lots of questions as to what you CAN use at any given age on ‘average’ skin.

There are no hard and fast rules, as skin can do anything at any age, but if you have no particular issues, here are some general guidelines for caring for your skin through every decade:

This is the time to establish a good cleansing routine. Use a gentle cleanser every night and a mineral-based sunscreen daily. This will protect your skin from age-related damage showing up in years to come.
If acne-prone use a cleanser containing salicylic acid daily and see a specialist esthetician for acne clearing products and advice. Never try to treat acne yourself.
Key Skin Essentials Products: Salicylic Cleanser, SPF30.
Treatments: none unless acne is present

This is the time when your skin is at is most naturally beautiful. Protect it with daily SPF30 and cleanse well at night. Begin use of a hydrating/nourishing serum to keep your skin at it’s best. Prevention is always better than cure.
Key Skin Essentials Products: Daily Nutrient Serum, SPF30
Treatments: a customised facial every 3 months will keep skin at it’s best.

This is when lifestyle choices can start to catchup with you in fine lines and loss of tone. Begin an anti-ageing regime early to slow down further signs of ageing. Use a serum containing hyaluronic acid to keep skin hydrated and include a retinol/vitamin A product at night. As always use a sunblock daily.
Key Skin Essentials Products: Hyaluronic Serum, Lipid Repair Concentrate
Treatments: a customised monthly facial will keep trouble at bay!

It is in your 40’s that sun damage from your childhood and teens starts to show in patches of hyperpigmentation and uneven texture. Supplement your homecare routine with clinical enzyme or acid peels to smooth and even skin tone and texture. Add a serum with Epidermal Growth Factor to your routine to boost cellular renewal.
Key Skin Essentials Products: Overnight Repair Cream, Collagen Serum.
Treatments: begin corrective treatments such as peels of any colour issues, serious anti-ageing such as micro needling introduced at this stage will benefit most in the long term.

In women, declining estrogen levels can play havoc with your skin once you reach peri-menopause/menopause. This will show as fine lines deepening, lip lines appearing and dryness. At the very first signs, add a phytoestrogen boosting product such as one containing soybean, wild yam or flax. Use facial oils such as rosehip seed oil to boost radiance.
Key Skin Essentials products: Youth Boost, Hyaluronic Serum.
Treatments: deep hydrating facias can be included with anti-ageing protocols.
60’s and beyond:
You now have the skin that you have earned! Hopefully you have been looking after your skin and have minimal damage to contend with. Anti-ageing serums and retinol products will keep your skin soft and bright and slow down wrinkle formation. If you need to address established signs of ageing consider a course of chemical peels.
Key Skin Essentials products: Overnight Repair Cream, Nourishing Oil.
Treatments: monthly stimulating and renewing facials to maintain radiance.

Cleansing: good cleansing is a must at any age! Use an oil cleanser to gently dissolve daily grime and makeup and keep pores clear.

Home exfoliation can be safely done once or twice per month on all skin types with an enzyme exfoliator.

Remember, these are general guidelines for normal skins with no issues, for personalised recommendations or to correct any conditions we recommend our skin analysis service.


Age is not a skin type, Skin Essentials Mariga explains:

What age is your skin? Does it know, or care?
I’ve seen several new skincare ranges on the market at the moment aimed specifically at younger skin, generally the under 25’s market. They tend to come in funky packaging, be purse-friendly and use words like ‘light’ and ‘refreshing’. Sounds good, yes? Well, yes except for one glaring problem: skin cannot be categorised by age. I’ve long had this problem with products being classified ‘for mature skin’.

Are we to be told that all skin under 25 has the same issues and can be treated in the same way? Or that everyone over 50 has the same skin type? Rubbish, just more marketing ploys.

We all are born with the tendency to one of three general skin types. After that, skin condition is variable at different times of the month/year and depends on lifestyle, environment, diet, products used and a myriad of other temporary fluctuations.

Corneocyte Compaction

What we must do is treat for our basic skin type with the right products and lifestyle choices which will give our skin all the nutrition and energy it needs to effectively deal with temporary fluctuations itself.
It is not unusual for me to treat a mother and daughter with similar if not the same products, as some of our skin deficiencies can be inherited. Just yesterday I prescribed the same homecare routine to a man in his late fifties and a girl in her early twenties, both suffering from grade one rosacea.

My skin now, at 43, is better than it was 10 years ago. But how on earth should I choose my products then?? Oh, I know, by my skin’s needs not some marketers idea of what I’m most likely to buy!
It’s perfectly possible that these new products are nice (that depends on the formulations, not the sales pitch), it’s just the marketing that I have a problem with. Picking your skin type out of a magazine or guessing in a pharmacy is no way to treat your poor skin that has to last you a lifetime. Say goodbye to guesswork and expensive mistakes. Have a professional analysis with Skin Essentials by Mariga done and watch your skin get better.


Home vs clinical microneedling: Mariga’s advice

We love both clinical and home microneedling here at Skin Essentials. Needling in general is a fantastic modality, when used correctly, for anti-ageing, skin tightening and reducing old acne marks or other scars. There is a huge difference though between the type of microneedling you do at home and the clinical version (bio therapeutic needling) that we perform here at our Wexford based skin clinic. See the video for differences and details: