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Avoid dry and dehydrated winter skin with these must-have products

Winter must-haves for beautiful skin.

Is it just me or does to seem like we have skipped autumn and landed straight into winter?
I find that I have already begun reaching for my winter skincare routine and thought I would share my must-haves for avoiding the winter dry-out with you early this year :)

See my top 5 products below, handily sorted by skin type to help you choose:

Image of the top five winter skin products from Skin Essentials by Mariga, Wexford

Winter skin must-haves: Mariga’s picks.

All skin types:
If you don’t use it already our Lip Comfort Balm is an absolute MUST if you suffer with dry lips. Use as often as you like but my tip is build it into your skincare routine and use it morning and night when you do your regular skincare routine. This is enough to prevent winter dry-out or to maintain lip hydration. If you are already dry you may want to use it several times a day until your lips are back to their best then go to twice-daily maintenance.
Colourless, non-sticky and non- shiny it’s a must for everyone.

Dry or sensitised skin (low oil production):                                                                                         If your skin tends to dry out in the winter once the temperatures drop and heating kicks in, then prevent winter tightness and itchiness by switching to Skin Comfort Cream day and night to deeply moisturise, prevent and soothe irritation and combat redness cause by exposure. Apply after your normal serum/facial oil but remember even though it’s winter, you still need SPF30 over the top during the day.

Dehydrated skin – dry or oily (lack of water retention in the skin):                                                       If dehydration  is your issue, you will experience fine lines, particularly around the tops of the cheeks, flaking or patchy skin. This skin needs help to retain water and hyaluronic acid is the answer. This hero ingredient binds water to itself resulting in a hydrated and plumped up skin. The Skin Essentials by Mariga product to choose is the Hyaluronic+ Moisture Boost Serum. Use alone or mixed in with your regular serum to provide a shot of hydration.         Tip: I use this at night under my night cream because my day serum (Hydra Collagen Serum) already has some hyaluronic in it. Too much hyaluronic acid on your skin at once can cause your makeup to roll off. If you don’t wear makeup, no problem use it whenever you prefer.

Oily skin:
You can still get dehydrated (see above) if the water in your skin is evaporating too fast due to central heating or fires. If this is already happening use the Hyaluronic+ Moisture Boost as above. To prevent dehydration and keep oily skin conditioned and healthy, but not greasy or shiny, use Hydrating Cream at night after your regular serum, and also during the day if you work in a dry heated environment. As always, you need SPF30 daily throughout the year.

Find all our products on our webshop here or call in to us in our Selskar Street skin clinic in Wexford Town for advice.

New – InfusION+ Therapy – a powerful add-on to your regular facial

NEW! InfusION+ therapy

We have introduced a new element to our bespoke facials here at Skin Essentials by Mariga, Wexford. You know we are always searching out the latest and best technology and ingredients to bring you the absolute maximum clinical results from your treatments :)

We can now incorporate the power of ION+ therapy into your facial. Choose from VitalfusION+ to brighten, revitalise and smooth a dull or sluggish skin, or LiftfusION+ for a tightening and radiance effect perfect before a big event when you want some extra wow factor for your skin! ION+ therapy will be used as part of your bespoke treatment when appropriate or you can specifically request it if you have an occasion coming up, be sure to let your therapist know! We do not charge extra for this powerful booster treatment – it is included in the regular price of your bespoke facial.

Ion therapy can also be taken in a series to deeply revitalise skin that has been neglected, or to delay the first signs of ageing when fine lines start to appear. It is also a great maintenance treatment between microneedling courses for maintaining skin texture, health and vitality.

Suitable for all skin types and issues as it is adapted for each client, the ION+ therapy is a universal facial. As it utilises a galvanic electric current to open channels in the skin to allow for deep active product penetration (it doesn’t hurt, it’s actually very relaxing), it is not suitable during pregnancy, for those with diabetes, epilepsy, or anyone with a lot of metal in their body such as plates or pins. (Fillings are ok).


Needle-Free Lip Lift – Before And After Photos

Before and after photos of Mariga Sheedy taken before and after hydroporation treatments. at Skin Essentials, Wexford. Liar lines visibly improved, giving a fresher overall appearance.

Mariga before and after hydroporation treatment

Exclusive to Skin Essentials by Mariga in Wexford, needle-free hyaluronic acid wrinkle reduction.

Something I know everyone loves to see are real-life before and after photos of treatments and programmes you are interested in having done yourself. Of course, everyone wants to see them, but very few want anyone else to see theirs! So, apart from a few kind souls (who’s identity we keep very private in any case!) who allow us to post close-ups of treated areas, we can’t really show you any of the amazing results we get for our clients from corrective homecare or from our transformative treatments such as LED, microneedling and hydroporation.

So, we have to be our own guinea pigs/models/before and after clients :) And THAT’S why you are being treated to yet another before and after photo of me, sorry! In this image I want to illustrate the fabulous effects of hydroporation treatment. It is a method of introducing hyaluronic acid into the deep layers of the epidermis to reduce lines and wrinkles in soft tissues of the face. It is particularly effective on upper lip and mouth-to-chin lines but can also be used on lines between the brows and nose-to-lip lines.

I have taken screen grabs of two videos I made just over a year apart to illustrate the difference this treatment makes. I love that it is subtle, you wouldn’t look at me and think I had filler or anything. Yet, when you compare the images side by side the difference is quite astonishing. The obvious downturned lines at the corners of my lips are gone. I think the overall effect makes me look less tired and much fresher. Continue reading

The Age Slowly Facial – Get Your Glow Back

Introducing our new Age Slowly Facial

– a beautiful blending of technology and touch.

The latest product in our Age Slowly Series has arrived – The Age Slowly Facial.
Created by Mariga for those who are serious about their anti-ageing routine, this beautiful facial boosts the effects of your homecare routine and helps maintain youthful collagen levels and visible radiance.

You know that we often incorporate LED into our facial treatments here at Skin Essentials because it deepens the effect of everything else we are using, as well as being an amazing stand-alone treatment when taken in a series.
Well, now we have taken our love affair with LED even further and created our first full light-based facial treatment.

The Age Slowly facial from Skin Essentials by Mariga blends technology and touch to create a blissful facial that boosts collagen production and radiance.

The Age Slowly facial uses multiple types of lightwaves in this anti-ageing facial to give you an instant radiance that makes it perfect for before a big night out or event.
The 30 minute power facial utilises red, blue and green wavelengths to boost collagen, calm any breakouts and reduce redness in the skin. As if that wasn’t enough, we also combine it with ultrasonic waves to energise skin cells and boost product absorption. Oh, and there’s a fab facial massage too to get circulation going, nourish the skin cells and bliss you out. And that’s just the express version! €50

Choose the 60 minute treatment and you get all the above PLUS an intense 30 minute light therapy session under our famous Celluma LED machine for maximised results while you relax deeply (most people sleep!). The most powerful LED device available giving the deepest results, our Celluma is our favourite piece of technology in the clinic. Highly recommended. €89

Launching right in time for you to book before attending any of the fab cultural events lined up for this years International Opera Festival, Wexford Spiegeltent or Fringe Festivals. Or to revive your skin after too much socialising!

Click here to book this beautiful blissful facial now or call us on 053 9145981 to schedule your appointment.

Specialist Oncology Facials for Cancer Patients

We are very happy to announce that Oncology Skincare Therapeutic Facial services are now available from Skin Essentials.

Skin Essentials by Mariga skincare clinic is the first of its kind in Ireland to qualify in oncology aesthetics we have expanded our practice to serve people being treated for, or recovering from, cancer. Continue reading

Milia around eye contour area can be treated at Skin essentials by Mariga, Wexford, with diathermy or cryotherapy

Milia – causes, treatment and prevention

Milia- what causes them and how can they be treated – Mariga advises.

Milia around eye contour area can be treated at Skin essentials by Mariga, Wexford, with diathermy or cryotherapy

What are milia?

Milia are the white, raised, hard spherical bumps that you can see under your skin. They are very common around the eye contour area and cheekbones but can be seen anywhere on the face. They can become bigger over time. Sometimes they can go away on their own but more often you will ned to have them removed. When you are prone to milia, you will need to work on their causes to prevent new ones forming all the time. Causes and treatments:  Continue reading

Exfoliation: are you overdoing it? Mariga’s skin saving tips


This is a topic that causes confusion all the time and you will read conflicting advice in every magazine article you pick up so today I want to simplify the subject of exfoliation: what is it, do you need to do it and what should you use?
Exfoliation is the shedding or peeling of dead skin cells from the upper layer of your skin. It occurs naturally in healthy skin but like all body processes it slows down as we age and if our skin cells aren’t getting enough of the proper nutrition to function well. So, as we age it becomes necessary to help the process along with skincare products. The idea is to gently encourage the natural shedding process in order that the skin surface appears as smooth as possible. This new, smoother surface reflects light better than dry, dying skin cells so you see an immediate radiant effect. This can be quite addictive and I think may be the reason for what I see as a national obsession: over-exfoliation!

It is not unusual for someone to tell me that they exfoliate twice weekly or even (horror of horrors) daily when they first come for a consultation. There are even products, and lots of them, available to buy for ‘daily exfoliation’. Let’s look at this scientifically for a moment; cell turnover in a healthy skin occurs on average as follows:

Age: 20’s  14-25 days
Age: 30’s  30 days
Age: 40’s  40 days
And so on, slowing down by a few days for every decade.

So, assuming that you exfoliate on the first day of the month and you are in your 30’s, then there is a fresh layer of skin on the surface that won’t turn over completely for around 30 days. What possible benefit can there be in exfoliating again the next day or even the next week? None at all, you are just hurting that fresh skin which will in all likelihood shorten its lifespan and therefore the length of time it reflects light well.
It is plenty to exfoliate healthy skin once per month, more often of you are in the early stages of correcting a skin condition.

What should you use?
In  my opinion the only safe home exfoliator is an enzyme based product. This is because they work by triggering the cells own process of breaking down in the right conditions and therefore won’t break down the ‘cement’ between cells that are still healthy, in the indiscriminate way that a glycolic acid or similar will.
Never use grainy scrubs, they will scratch the skin. For acid peels, microdermabrasion or other peels I would recommend only ever having them performed by a skincare professional who is trained in the procedure. In any case, over the counter versions of these peels are never comparable to what is available in a salon, if they were we would be seeing far more disasters all the time!

If you attend a good facialist she will perform any necessary exfoliation whether you need a superficial or deep treatment during your salon visits and provide the relevant homecare to keep your skin in top condition until your next visit.
Microdermabrasion is a very popular form of deep exfoliation that is available from most salons. I would caution on the overuse of these machines. While they are great if used correctly, unless you are dealing with a particular issue such as scarring or otherwise damaged skin then two or three times a year is enough to boost your homecare regime.

Finally, (sorry this became a very long post), a quick word on Vitamin A, also known as retinol. Any product containing any derivative of Vit A or retinol will already be progressively and slowly exfoliating your skin so it won’t be necessary to use another exfoliator at home. Also, discontinue use of any of these products for 3 days before and after any waxing of the area and before any salon facial treatment.

For safe home exfoliation try Skin Essentials by Mariga Enzyme Exfoliator, available from my online shop here