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Cosmetic vs Cosmeceutical – what’s the difference?

Cosmeceutical skincare – what is it?

There seems to be a buzz happening around the world of cosmeceutical skincare right now. I don’t know why this is or who started it, some marketing company somewhere looking for a new angle for a product I assume, but I have been asked about this ‘new’ type of skincare a good lot lately. The fact is that cosmeceutical skincare is far from new. There have been some great products on the market for years – including Skin Essentials by Mariga!. So, what is it, do you need it and are you already using it?anti-ageing partner
The difference between a cosmetic skincare product and a cosmeceutical skincare product is simply that ‘cosmetic’ refers to an ingredient that can affect only the surface app
earance of the skin and a ‘cosmeceutical’ ingredient can affect skin function at a cellular level.
It becomes obvious from this that the cosmeceutical product is where the smart money goes.
You may already be using a cosmeceutical product without knowing that it has a fancy scientific name! Check the claims on the advertising. Does it say ‘skin appears smoother’ or ‘skin becomes smoother’, ‘lines seem reduced’ or lines are reduced’? This is the basic difference between the two, one presents a temporary surface change, the other effects an actual change.
If you are unsure about any product, ask your skincare professional if the ingredients are cosmetic or cosmeceutical. But also note – it is not just the presence of great ingredients like epidermal growth factors, peptides, anti-oxidants, vitamin A that makes a products a cosmeceutical, but also the percentage in the overall formula. So while you can’t have a cosmeceutical product without cutting-edge, proven ingredients, you can still have them and not have a cosmeceutical product. We call this ‘label value’ in the business, just including enough of a buzz ingredient to use the name, but not enough to make any difference. This is done for one of the reasons:

  1. The company is trying to save money, many, though not all, of these leading ingredients are expensive.
  2. The company wants to mass-market their products and doesn’t want any problems. This is why you should always buy your skincare from a skin therapist. They will have the education, understanding and insurance to recommend stronger actives which can actually make a difference on skin when used correctly. Sometimes this can cause a period of adjustment on the client’s skin or need to be introduced slowly to lessen disruption. Your other products will have to be taken into account too. None of this personalisation is possible with mass-market, off-the-shelf skincare so they are kept dilute to avoid any problems, also meaning they often avoid results too!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Skin Essentials by Mariga products are cosmeceuticals, so you can be sure that the money you are spending is for the ingredients that are in your product which will improve your skin, not some faux-scientific advertising campaign to make you think it can. In our webshop you will see some of our products classified with a (U) and some with a (C). The U is for universal and can be used by anyone and with any other product. The C stands for corrective and we recommend guidance on the usage of these ones. Just drop us a line or call us on 053 9145981 if you are unsure about which of our corrective products you need if you haven’t already had recommendations made by our therapists. In Wexford? Just call in to our Selskar Street clinic or book online here.

Not sure what category your skincare falls into? Book a personal or distance skin care analysis with us to have your skin and your products professionally analysed. We will get you on track for great skin – for life!

Lumps, bumps and discolourations, we can help!

Did you know that many of the annoying little skin anomalies that pop up over time on your face, hands and body can usually be very quickly and easily treated or removed, often in a single session?

One of the most satisfying parts of my job is taking care of age spots, skin tags, red veins and milia. In fact, I do all the lesion removal services in the clinic myself, that’s how much I love it!

We offer both cryotherapy (cold) lesion removal and electro desiccation (heat) methods of removal to ensure that you are getting the exact best treatment for your needs. A quick consultation determines the type and number of treatments that are the best fit for you. All of our treatments are non-invasive, meaning we work only in the upper layers of the epidermis. Both diathermy and cryotherapy are natural treatments using heat or cold energy that does not scar or damage surrounding healthy tissue.

Here are some of the blemishes that can be treated:

Red veins on the face – treated with diathermy. These tiny, visible veins respond very well to treatment and smaller ones will disappear in just one session. Larger or more extensive veins will need up to three sessions taken six weeks apart.

Thread veins b&a on nose






Skin tags: from the tiny ones on the neck to large individual tags anywhere on the body, these are very simple to treat, usually requiring just one session of either diathermy for the little ones or cryo for the bigger tags.







Milia: very successfully treated with diathermy, one session for small ones, follow up treatment needed for larger or more extensive milia issues.

Milia removal by diathermy, before and after one treatment.

Milia removal by diathermy, before and after one treatment.







Age spots/hyperpigmentation patches: vey simple and quick to treat with cryotherapy.
cryo sun spot progress official pic





What cannot be treated?
We cannot treat anything that is deeper-rooted in the skin, beneath the epidermis such as moles, or flaky, recurring or weeping patches of skin. These need to be seen by a doctor.

Can I help you with any of the above? or maybe you have a spot that you are not sure if it fits in to any of the above categories? Just give me a call on 053 9145981 or pop in to our skin clinic, Skin Essentials by Mariga, in Selskar, Wexford Town and I will be happy to advise you.


See more details and pricing here.

Quality Guarantee From Skin Essentials

How to tell if you are paying for the real thing when it comes to your skin treatment.

We know that you have so many options to choose from when you are thinking about your homecare products and professional skincare treatments.

For your home use products there are pharmacy, supermarket and professional salon options, or you can go online and buy practically anything from anywhere in the world!

For professional treatments, every town has many beauty salons to choose from and dedicated skincare clinics are now opening in many areas.

So, it’s always great to have a choice, but when the choices become so plentiful and varied, what should you choose? How do you know what best suits your needs or whether one establishment is a better option for you than another?

As you may know, standards in the beauty industry is a pet project of mine and my work with the European Standards committee has given me some great insights into how to make sure that the beauty professional or clinic that you choose is the best one for you. Below are my tips for finding the best skincare products/treatments/therapist for your particular needs.



Professional Treatments:

-First do your research! Know the results you want to achieve then see who in your area is specialising in exactly this area. If you want natural anti-ageing there is no point going to someone who specialises in cosmetic tattooing or brazilian waxing!! You will need a skin specialist with diplomas in skin analysis/advanced skin science. Google search, ask friends for recommendations and then research your chosen salon(s).

The questions you should be asking yourself are –

Do they specialise? You only want to put your precious skin in the hands of someone who lives and breathes skincare.

Do they offer lots of information to help you make a decision? If you can find written articles, blogs, videos, testimonials from your chosen professional on the subject you are researching the you are on the right track. Generic marketing pieces from supplier companies rather than direct from the therapist is a big no-no for me. It shows that they don’t have enough knowledge or experience of the subject to give their own thoughts or experience of it.

Are the machines/ingredients used the best quality? So often you will hear about a new type of treatment or super new ingredient and the next thing you will see it on offer everywhere, but beware! Not all things are the same quality or will give you the same effect. A big example of this is LED light facial therapy. There is no doubt that this is a fantastic skin-boosting treatment when used correctly, but the problem is that there are so many devices available on the market from cheap lights coming out of China in mass quantities and being sold online to the general public, to very complicated full-body machines available to the trade at tens of thousands of euro. How as a consumer can you know if the one being used in your service is any good? Ask! The best machines will be certified, clinically proven and often award winning. Reputable professionals will only use machines such as these and can therefore guarantee your results.

When it comes to products, the same is true. Ingredients must be high quality, proven to work and, crucially, present in the correct percentages for maximum benefit.

At Skin Essentials by Mariga, we only use the best, certified and clinically proven technology and ingredients and we take internationally-accredited independent training on any new technology we are bringing into our Wexford clinic. Our reputation is based on our results, and both are extremely important to us.

Do you have any questions? Please ask, we want you to be fully informed and comfortable before you consider any of our non-invasive skin programmes.

Contact us on 053 9145981 or info@skinessentialsbymariga.com.

Why choose Skin Essentials? Here’s what makes us the best choice!

How is Skin Essentials by Mariga different from the rest?
-We treat the cause of skin problems, not just the symptoms, giving you real, lasting results.
-Consultation and analysis: we never sell any corrective or advanced products or services without skin assessment and consultation. As our products contain active ingredients which are proven to impact skin function at a cellular level, they need to be matched correctly to skin condition. We are currently the only professional salon brand insisting on this practice, and we believe this is why our results are out-performing others.
-We believe that homecare is the key to long-term skin management and our protocols are built around first rebuilding with home care then correcting with clinical treatments.
-We are passionate about protecting skin health and barrier integrity and our line is 100% fragrance, colour and sulphate free in line with our guiding principle of protective corneotherapy.

-We CARE about your skin, your progress and your results as much as you do. We are in this together!


Skin Analysis
Key to our successful skincare programmes is our comprehensive skin analysis and skin health coaching. This initial consultation is the starting point for all of our corrective homecare and clinical protocols. We are the only skincare experts in Ireland qualified in the international gold-standard Pastiche™ method of advanced skin analysis.
During this 90 minute appointment your skin will be analysed using the latest digital skin scanning technology and examined manually under diagnostic light sources. All contributing lifestyle factors will be examined and their role in your current skin condition are explored and explained with recommendations and education for correcting these going forward. These factors include medical history, nutrition, cosmetic history, genetics and other factors.
These factors will be assessed as a whole to determine your personalised skincare programme which will be outlined and written down for you. Notes on all arising issues will be provided, as well as a detailed recommendation chart including usage instructions and pricing.

Book your skin analysis now and begin your journey to great skin, for life.

Questions? Call us on 053 9145981, we’re happy to help.

PDM machine heads

Scientific Skin Analysis – the PDM™ is available in Ireland only from Skin Essentials


My essential skincare routine – by Mariga

I’m always asked what I use on my own skin, often enough that I thought I would make a blog post about it!

We customise every home care routine to the client’s exact needs so what suits me may not suit you, even if you seem to have a similar type skin, but this is a good guideline as to HOW to approach a skincare system for any skin type.

For the record, my skin has dry tendencies and, like anyone in their 40’s, I am concerned with anti-ageing and my current routine reflects those needs. I say current because it is open to change as the weather/diet/stress/medical issues all can impact the skin and cause changes, and we constantly adjust routines to deal with that

Here are the products I am currently using and why:


Skin Comfort Cleanser: this is a constant, it cleans the skin and removes makeup without drying.

Collagen Serum: also a daily use for me, this is anti-ageing to the max, also brightens.

Overnight Repair Cream: vitamin A to reduce/prevent lines and pigmentation spots, a great anti-ageing partner to the Collagen Serum.

Hyaluronic+ Moisture Boost: traps water in the skin for hydration and plumping, also peptides for anti-ageing.

Lipid Repair Concentrate: Supplies ceramides, essential fatty acids and oil-soluble anti-oxidants for general skin health and suppleness, as well as oil flow regulation

Nourishing Oil: heavy duty facial oil for very dry or dull skin.

SPF30: day cream with minerals & vitamins.

So, these are the products I currently have in rotation, and here is how I use them:

Evening: Cleanse with Skin Comfort Cleanser
4-5 nights per week I mix Collagen Serum and Hyaluronic Serum and apply to damp skin.
Follow with Overnight Repair Cream.
The other nights or if my skin feels dry (when I drink coffee!), I cleanse then apply either Lipid Repair Concentrate or Nourishing Oil depending on the level of moisturising I need.

Rinse with warm water.
Apply Collagen Serum or Lipid Repair Concentrate
Apply SPF30 day cream

I also use a home roller with my night serum when I remember and have clinical treatments once every 4-6 weeks, anything from a facial to an acid peel depending on what I need. Remember, we care for our basic skin type at home, revision and correction are done in the clinic.

Does you skincare routine need an overhaul? Call us on 053 9145981 to book a consultation for your personalised programme now.