NEW! Skin Fitness Kit. Save €30.


Build a  strong, beautiful, healthy skin from the inside out with our stellar Skin Fitness Trio. All skin types.

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Product Description

Build great core skin strength with our Skin Fitness Kit! Save €30

A strong, beautiful, healthy skin is built on a foundation of lipid bilayers – a layered structure alternating lipid (oil) and water based components, each adding strength to the other and containing their own special nutrients. If these bilayers are not strong and healthy, your skin will never look good. Think dehydration, flakiness, tight-feeling skin, redness and pimples. Every skin condition is made worse when the lipid bilayer structure is compromised.

The Skin Fitness Kit contains everything you need to rebuild, strengthen and maximise the effectiveness of your skin’s core structures – meaning slower ageing, more radiance and fewer breakouts. Suitable for all skin types, suitable for gifting, suitable when pregnant or breastfeeding.

The individual retail value of all the items in this kit is €190 but you can save a huge €30 with this great basic kit.

The kit contains:

Lipid Repair Concentrate – this bio-identical facial oil has everything your skin needs to produce healthy, strong lipid layers, reduces inflammation and is highly anti-oxidant (repairing to damaged skin cells). Use one pump of product at night on clean skin or after your usual night serum.

Hyaluronic+ Moisture Boost – This silky, lightweight serum looks after the water-based skin layers. Rich in hyaluronic acid for skin hydration and plumping, it also contains collagen peptides to revitalise skin and slow visible ageing. Use one pump of product in the morning on clean skin, may be mixed with your regular serum (not oil).

Skin Comfort Cream – A beautiful, luxurious cream rich in plant oils and butters yet completely non-greasy. Nourishing plant extracts deeply hydrate and comfort the skin and reduce redness and irritation,  while potent anti-oxidants repair cellular damage for a dewier skin. Use as a last step at night. May also be used in the morning on a drier or dehydrated skin, apply after serum and before SPF. This is a big 120ml jar, so use generously and don’t forget your neck, décolleté and hands!



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