Close view of 30ml both Skin Comfort Oil by Skin Essentials, Wexford, A relief pool for extra dry skin needing comfort and moisture.

Skin Comfort Oil 30ml |Dry, Compromised Skin (U)


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Product Description

This rich, nourishing, comforting oil has been specially developed to supply nutrients and protection to vulnerable skin. Particularly recommended to help ease the discomfort of very dry and compromised skin caused by medical treatments such as chemotherapy, it is however suitable for skin that has become very dry for any reason.

Usage: May be used alone if desired. We particularly recommend mixing with our Skin Comfort Cream to give you maximum results. Use as often as desired on dry, chapped and irritated skin. One pump is sufficient for face and  eye contour area. Rub in gently.

Are you going through or recovering from cancer? All our Skin Comfort Range is safe and suitable for use while your skin recovers. See also our Skin Comfort Kits for extra value.


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