Hyaluronic + Moisture Boost Serum (U)


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The ultimate serum to combat the earliest signs of ageing. Use this highly-concentrated blend of hyaluronic acid and collagen peptides morning and evening on clean, damp skin for plumping, hydrating and age-proofing the face and eye areas.


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 Hyaluronic acid is known to attract moisture to dehydrated skin but it does so much more. It is also an anti-oxidant, repairing cell damage, it is part of the collagen production process and it gives an overall plump and radiant look to devitalised skin.

The Skin Essentials by Mariga hyaluronic acid serum is not JUST a silky soft, easily absorbed, high-potency rehydrating serum. It also contains collagen peptides to give you serious anti-ageing power too.

A saviour for dehydrated skin. Use under your normal day/night routine when skin is dehydrated/tight/flaky. Use from mid/late twenties onwards to slow the first signs of ageing such as fine ones and dullness. Can be mixed with any of our other water based serums to bring a shot of hydration to any skin type. Lovely after Enzyme Exfoliator.