Treat your skin like a houseplant?

Treat your skin like a houseplant. I know, sounds a bit off the wall, right?

BUT it really makes total sense… bear with me.

I’m always amazed and to be honest a little frustrated at times by the amount of enquiries I get from people looking for a clinical peel or resurfacing treatment or home product recommendations to deeply exfoliate the skin.

I know that this comes from misinformation on various social media sites, magazines, non-expert blogs/influencers etc. so it is understandable that the general public could be lead to believe that peeling or scrubbing the skin is the answer to all your skincare issues. It isn’t, I promise!

Usually the query will be something like…

“I have breakouts, what scrub do you recommend?”


“I have dry skin, which peel is best for me?”


“I have lines and wrinkles, can I use glycolic acid every day?”

This is where the houseplant comes in… if you had a plant that was looking a bit dull, tired, dry, discoloured, lifeless would you think, ‘I know, I’ll scrub it’s leaves and add acid to the water, that’ll fix it.’

No, of course not. That would probably kill it or at the very least make it worse. You would water it carefully, feed it appropriately and gentle it back to health.

And that’s just what you should do for your skin. Add nutrients, inside and out, make sure it has the appropriate ingredients to build itself back up to health, and once it is healthy it then becomes strong and radiant.

And what about pruning you might ask? Wouldn’t you snip off any dead leaves? Yes, and in skincare you get rid of anything in your diet, skincare or lifestyle that isn’t serving you.

Stripping cleansers, grainy scrubs, irritating perfumes, excess sugar, alcohol or caffeine. Take away what isn’t contributing to the skin you want to see, and add skin-building nutrients. That’s the recipe for long-term skin health and beauty.

What nutrients do you need?

Our Lipid Repair Concentrate contains all your skin needs to build healthy lipid layers, the foundation of great skin. SPF is a must every day and if you are concerned about ageing Hydra Collagen Serum has all you need to build strong collagen fibres.

These products are universal meaning they can be used by anyone regardless of skin type. If you have particular skin concerns we are happy to chat through a personalised homecare routine with you, just email and we will schedule a call with you.

Do exfoliators have a role in skincare? Yes, they do, just not as a daily or weekly routine. I believe that acids should only be used professionally as they all act in very different ways and are chosen or blended in clinic to your exact needs, and only if needed, such as in congested skin, pigmentation or hyperkertinisation issues.

Enzymes are safer to use at home but still should be used with professional advice only. Many good skincare routines will contain Vitamin A and Vitamin C, and as these act to promote natural exfoliation they are enough for most skin types.

Shop our extensive skincare products in the link below.

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The personal skincare touch in an online world

One of the things that has helped keep us engaged with the world, working from home and entertained is the internet.

Imagine a lockdown without the web omg!

While it is a wonderful thing that we can keep connected with work colleagues, FaceTime family and do a pretty unbelievable amount of online shopping (please tell me that’s not just me!?) it is no substitute for human connection and the personal touch.

text your skincare hotline skin essentials by mariga over photo of woman with mobile phone

Here at Skin Essentials we are turning a negative into a positive to keep connected with you.

So we can’t do treatments? No problem, we will use that spare time to talk to you! While it’s great that we can all still buy our skincare online, there is no substitute for a personal recommendation by someone who understands your skin and can listen to your needs and guide you to the solution.

So while the whole world is discovering the undoubted benefits of bringing their business digital, we are getting back to basics and are here to chat. Whether you are a long time client and want some guidance as to how to keep your skin in great condition and prepped for maximising results from treatments when we can get back to work, or if you are a new client that needs to speak to someone about getting the exactly right homecare products to care for your particular skin needs, we are here for you.

Call us on 086 3823608 or email your questions, concerns or photos to and Mariga will review them and get back to you for a real, human chat about your next steps.

In the meantime, take a look at our online shop and see our skincare products to suit your skins needs HERE.

Celluma Light Therapy For Skin Rejuvenation and Acne Control

Bring the clinic home with Celluma light therapy devices.

Woman lying under celluma light panel using red and blue lights for anti wrinkle and acne

Low level light therapy is one of the most consistently proven methodologies of skin treatment. At Skin Essentials we have been using it for over ten years as both a stand alone treatment for age proofing the skin and as a remarkable acne treatment, along with combining it with our advanced microneedling and radio frequency therapies to boost results to the max.

Our light therapy device of choice is the world-leading Celluma, and we are proud to have been the first in Europe to offer this fantastic device for clinical treatment. And now, we are the first in Ireland to bring you Celluma at home!

There is a real advantage to having a home Celluma as the more often you can use it the better the results you will achieve, and many of you struggle to get into us the three times a week necessary for maximum benefit. Not to mention the savings over time of having your own device!

As of now we are currently mid-lockdown so what better time to launch an at home device for managing your skin needs!

Your device can be tailored to your exact needs but the most popular one is the Celluma Face which has programmes for anti-wrinkle/rejuvenation, acne clearing and wound management (a useful addition for bumps, bruises and scrapes and also gives great results post-surgery on healing and scars (with your doctors approval of course!).

As well as the benefits on long-term skin health and beauty from incorporating the Celluma into your homecare routine, you can use it after your clinical treatments to boost results,  saving you the time and added cost of having it done in-clinic. 

Course of 12 LED light therapy sessions and appropriate homecare from Skin Essentials by Mariga skin clinic, Wexford. Anti-ageing specialists.

Course of 12 LED light therapy sessions and appropriate homecare

Before and after pic of jawline hormonal acne helped by using celluma light therapy for 8 weeks

Celluma used two times a week for 8 weeks.

I use this at home all the time, it’s a lovely way to relax and have your skin treatment at the same time. It’s simple to use, just plug it in and lie down for 30 minutes. For a full course and to get a great start to light treatments we recommend using it 3 times a week for anti-ageing for the first few weeks then use it once or twice a week going forward for maintenance. For acne, we recommend continuing on the 2-3 times per week after the initial month of intensive use.

Interested in having this fantastic skin treatment device at home? Simply call us on 086 3823608 for more details or email and we will chat through which device is best for your needs and get you a quote for your ideal panel.


Drop Shipping direct to your recipient

Did you know that we can drop ship our products directly to a recipient for you when you want to gift Skin Essentials products to a friend or loved one?

Image showing skin essentials by mariga products with white satin finish box and green ribbons ready for direct drop shipping anywhere in Ireland

We have always had this service available and people mostly use it for gift vouchers but I think it’s worth highlighting right now to make you aware that we can get gifts directly to your recipient via An Post or courier for their birthday, upcoming father’s day or any occasion (or none at all, just because is as good a reason as any 😁).

Apart from the convenience of buying online or over the phone for direct shipping, it is more important than ever now that we should limit our trips outside and this is a way we can help you to do that. Also, cutting out one step in the gifting chain means less handling of parcels for you, your recipient and the delivery service, and that can only be a good thing.

When you order products for direct drop shipping you can simply let us know in the special instructions part of the online order form that it is for a gift and we will make sure that it goes with no invoice/receipt, or let us know over the phone if you prefer to order that way. We can also include a note for you, just let us know what you would like it to say! Our standard packaging includes each product being individually wrapped in our signature green paper but if you would like it to be packaged in a gift box with ribbon for an extra special touch, you can choose that option from the webshop.

We do pre-sanitise all our products before packing but we recommend either letting your parcels sit for a few days before opening, or using disposable gloves to open and dispose of outer packaging. If you would like to re-sanitise products before use here is how I recommend you do it.

To order just visit or call us on 086 3823608

COVID-19 extra precautions -How to sanitise your home skincare products

COVID-19 Extra Precautions you can take:

As we are all being super-vigilant during the COVID-19 pandemic with cleaning and sanitising, especially our hands and any ‘touch points’ around the house, I thought it might be useful to make this little how-to for sanitising your skincare bottles.

As most of the Skin Essentials products are packaged in airless pumps, they are already as pure and clean as can be because the product is never in touch with any surface, fingers or the air until you are ready to dispense and use. But you may want to sanitise the outside of the bottles and for this I recommend using alcohol – see the video for a demo.

For products that are not packaged in airless pumps, as always we recommend only ever using them immediately after washing your hands, this is enough to keep the products clean and free of bacteria in combination with the preservatives they contain.

However, as COVID-19 is an unknown, to be extra careful I recommend using a plastic or metal spatula or any instrument that you can sanitise to scoop out any products from open jars. This applies to any products you have, not just your Skin Essentials ones.

Your products will come pre-sanitised for your peace of mind when you order online from Skin Essentials

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Rosacea Control – long term management with Skin Essentials homecare

Rosacea is a long game.

Not necessarily what people want to hear when they contact us for help with this common skin condition, but it is the fact. Things that you do consistently every day to protect and support your skin will build up progressively to strengthen your skin over time and leave you with a much calmer-looking skin colour with fewer flare ups.

Diet, stress and general health do play an important role in understanding and controlling your particular rosacea experience but in this post I want to focus on the role of great skincare.

The aim of your homecare in rosacea control is daily doses of anti-inflammatory, skin-strengthening, high-impact ingredients that over time will calm the appearance of rosacea and reduce the incidence of associated flare-ups by strengthening the skin’s barrier and inflammatory response systems.

Anti redness concentrate from Skin Essentials by Mariga is 20% off in april 2020 from our online store based in wexford

There are 4-5 core products that need to be in every rosacea routine:

  1. Skin Comfort Cleanser – this humble product is vitally important as it is an oil-based cleanser that will gently yet thoroughly cleanse without ever stripping your skin, vital when we are trying to build back up your natural barrier.
  2. Lipid Repair Concentrate – balances and restores the lipid layers of your skin to enable a healthy oil/water balance, again to support the production and maintenance or a healthy functioning skin barrier.
  3. Anti-Redness Concentrate – this is your anti-inflammatory powerhouse, progressively helping to control redness and inflammation in the epidermis. Also contains epidermal growth factor to thicken the upper layers.
  4. SPF30 Advanced Day Cream – UV exposure aggravates all skin disorders, including rosacea. This daily moisturiser with UVA & UVB filers, anti-oxidants and minerals will give you a comfortable defence against the sun.
  5. Skin Comfort Cream – if the skin is also dry then we recommend using this rich yet non-greasy cream fortified with calming ingredients at night, mixed or layered with Lipid Repair Concentrate. For normal to oilier skins the Lipid Repair on its own is often enough.

Once the skin is strengthened and the inflammatory response is becoming less volatile we recommend introducing a vitamin A product. This normalises many functions in the skin and helps thicken and strengthen deeper layers. Age Slowly Serum is great used once or twice a week at night under your other products.

These products are all suitable for men and women of any age.

Bonus – all of our rosacea products recommended above will also act as your anti-ageing skincare going forward!

Facials – we don’t always recommend hands-on skin treatments particularly in the early days of rosacea control, but we do offer LED light treatments which are more suitable when beginning a rosacea programme.

For visible red veins we may recommend diathermy when the skin is stronger to reduce the appearance of capillaries.

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Online Skin Analysis and Recommendations

Although we prefer to see everyone personally before starting a course of Skin Essentials by Mariga corrective skincare,

Understandably right now you can’t get in to see us.

That makes it the perfect time to for us to (re)introduce you to our online analysis service.

Perfect for anyone who is experiencing ongoing issues with their skin that they have not yet managed to find a solution for whether that is chronic dryness, premature ageing, rosacea etc.

If you are happy enough with your skin and want to get personalised product recommendations on making the very best of your skin going forward then our complimentary call with Mariga service is the one for you.

We have been offering this service for almost ten years and have countless happy clients reaping the benefits.

See our TESTIMONIALS page for customer’s review of this bespoke service.

Online assessment:

In-depth assessment – 65.00 €50.00

  • Once purchased, you will receive our analysis questionnaire in an email.
  • Reply to that email with photos of your skin/face.
  • Your answers will be entered into our state-of-the-art diagnostic software to produce a personalised report.
  • Your assessment form will also be reviewed in detail by a senior skin diagnostician and followed up by email or telephone call if necessary until we have a complete understanding of your skin.


  • The results from the digital assessment and the personal assessment will be combined to bring you a full report on your skin’s past, present and recommendations going forward
  • We will send you a detailed, written assessment of your current skin conditions, underlying issues and causes, and advice for correcting any skincare issues you are experiencing. (6-8 page report).
  • We will send you a personalised home-care routine detailed with how and when to use each product and the cost of your package (no obligation to buy your recommended products should you choose not to).
  • Products recommended can be purchased from our webshop or by telephone order and  will be posted to you (payment is securely online through our webshop by paypal or by Visa credit/debit over the telephone).
  • Once you begin your course of recommended home-care you will send us an update and photos monthly for the first three months so that we can adjust your routine if necessary.
  • There is no charge on your monthly reviews.
  • We will always be available to answer any questions you may have about your new skincare routine, either by phone or email.

Online assessment Skin Essentials by Mariga

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