Declutter your skincare routine

Learn how to de-clutter your daily skincare routine with these 3 quick tips.

I often hear the excuse, “I don’t have time to do a full skincare routine”, when I first meet a new client.

Now, I’m not sure how long people think you have to spend on your skincare routine but I promise it’s something everyone can fit in, no matter how busy your schedule!

If it is taking you longer than 2 minutes in the morning or 5 minutes at night (assuming you wear makeup) then I really don’t know what you are doing – someone let me know, I’m curious!

Yes, I am aware of the trend for multi-step Korean type skincare routines and if you have lots of time and truly enjoy your skin routine then by all means spend as much time as you like – it can be quite a relaxing time in your day.

But if you are like most of the people I meet then you want an effective routine – fast!

Here are 3 things that you can de-clutter from your skincare routine to give you a faster application time, or more time to spend on the steps that really count:

1. Ditch the eye cream.

Use your regular serum/cream around the eye contour area. There is absolutely no need for a separate product here, skin is skin with the same nutritional requirements no matter where on your face it is located.

Dark circles or puffy eyes to contend with? Topical application of any cream will have little to no effect on these conditions.

2. Ditch the toner.

Again, there is no need for this step unless you enjoy it. Toners were originally used to remove cleanser residue.

All good cleansers are now formulated to be water soluble. If you do like the feeling of using a toner choose one that is alcohol and fragrance free.

3. Ditch the daily exfoliation.

I have written so many blogs and made so many videos on this subject that there really is no need to go into detail here. I am horrified that people still do this.

Respect your skin, don’t stress it,  it has to last you a lifetime!

Update your skincare routine with Skin Essentials by Mariga transformative skincare collection:

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Great celeb skincare mention in Chic Magazine

The new celeb skincare favourite is our exclusive treatment – The Pyramid Facelift, and it’s causing quite the stir!

On Saturday, 15th Sept, we had a great surprise reading Chic Magazine in the Irish Daily Star.

We received another glowing mention from the well-known model and lifestyle guru, Vivienne Connolly.

Read Vivienne’s Chic interview here:

“When it comes to your beauty regime, obviously you can see changes in your skin as you get older which is caused by the fact you’re not producing as much collagen…”

“I use Skin Essentials by Mariga, she’s from Wexford, she recently gave me a non-invasive facelift before my holidays.

It’s not about cutting your face but stimulating your own natural collagen, although your face is red afterwards and you have to stay out of the sun for a few days.

I use her collagen serum in the morning and at night I use the Age Slowely Serum and Lipid Repair Concentrate, then I put a layer of deep moisturiser. 

When I started using them, I told Margia: ‘my skin doesn’t feel soft and lovely like it does with my own moisutriser’, and she said: ‘That’s because the cream you were using was wrong, it just sat there on top of your skin and didn’t do anything’, and I have noticed a big change in my skin since I started using her products.”

Discover Vivienne Connolly’s favourite skincare products, simply click the link below:

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Celebrity treatments: What does Norma Sheahan use?

“The Beauty Product

Mariga Sheedy is the best skin expert in Ireland. She’ll design a skincare programme that is unique to your needs. Her products are magic. She has done amazing non-invasive, anti-aging treatments on me.” – Norma Sheahan.

Sunday Independent 9/11/2018

So many of you have reached out to us this week after seeing the interview with Irish A-list actor and beautiful person Norma Sheahan in the Sunday Independent magazine.

The big questions have been around what treatments has she had and what products is she using so I thought that a blog post covering these might be of interest.

Before I detail Norma’s journey with Skin Essentials I would like to thank Norma for her kindness in publicly recommending Skin Essentials and assure everyone that all details and photos of Norma’s skincare journey are being reproduced with her permission!

Norma has very generously allowed me to photograph and record her progress to share with our clients. But of course in general all your interactions with Skin Essentials by Mariga are kept in complete confidence, unless you choose to share your results yourself – and a heartfelt thank you to those who do, it really helps others to make the right choice when looking for skincare services and products.

So, to Norma’s skincare diary:

As Skin Essentials by Mariga’s core ethos is natural, non-invasive yet visible results on anti-ageing this fitted perfectly with Norma’s preference for a healthy, youthful look, achieved by encouraging and supporting the skin to perform as it did in youth, without resorting to injectables or other invasive procedures.

The aim was to look like the freshest, rested, most radiant version of herself while retaining a completely natural look.

As with all corrective skincare programmes, we began with homecare to restore health, balance and integrity to the skin. This is a crucial step in any long-term results-driven anti-ageing programme. Without giving your skin all the ingredients it needs to fuel optimum collagen production, the results obtained from advanced facial treatments will not ‘take’ as deeply or last as long.

Once the skin was being properly supported on a daily basis with collagen-boosting and integrity-building ingredients we were able to begin clinical treatments to tighten, contour and refine the skin.

We chose the Pyramid Facelift for Norma’s treatments. This combines three technologies in one intensive  session to target the three main areas of skin ageing:

  1. TriPollar Radiofrequency to contract existing collagen fibres giving a smoothing and lifting effect while also stimulating new collagen growth.
  2. TrFractional Radiofrequency to resurface the skin, giving a beautiful soft smooth texture by refining pores, decreasing wrinkle depth, tightening jawline and eye area contours and smoothing out any areas of old scarring or bumpy texture.
  3. Voluderm for a natural filler effect to increase facial volume in areas that might be getting a little hollow or flat such as cheeks, mouth or under-eyes.

These technologies can be used alone where only one is needed, or combined to address all signs of ageing in one. As we have many clients that travel long distances to our Wexford Town skin clinic we find that the combination of the three technologies together – the Pyramid Facelift – is the most popular as it means maximum results in the fewest visits.

Results will be seen from the first  session and the number of sessions required for each individual will be determined at the first consultation.

Generally speaking for a freshening of the appearance on skin that has only just begun to show faint line lines, texture changes or the first sagging of jawline or eye contours one to two treatments will be enough.

Where these visual signs of ageing have taken a deeper hold you would need to have three treatments and for deep revision we recommend six. Each is taken on average 3 weeks apart.

For Norma we decided to go with three treatments. I think a picture will say far more than words to show clearly the rejuvenation achieved!

These results will last several years when maintained correctly with daily home-care and occasional top-up single treatments (again, top-up frequency will be determined on a case-by-case basis but most people will return for a single top up treatment every 6-12 months.

Actor Norma Sheahan before and after pics from Divine Pro Pyramid Facelift and Skin Essentials skincare products

Amazing results from the very first treatment on eye lines and overall texture. Before and after photo following pyramid facelift treatment. Lines dramatically reduced

Amazing results from the very first treatment on eye lines and overall texture.

Would you like to know more about our non-invasive skin rejuvenation treatments and products?

Give us a call on 053 9145981, email or if you want to get started right away on these amazing treatments book online for your Divine Pro consultation which is free of charge by clicking the link below.

Key products in Norma’s home skincare routine are below, click on each image for more information.

Best anti-ageing products Age Slowly Serum from Skin Essentials wexford

Age Slowly Serum

Best anti-ageing for dry skin Lipid Repair Concentrate skin essentials clinic wexford

Lipid Repair Concentrate

Hydra Collagen Serum, skin essentials by mariga

Hydra Collagen Serum

Top Three Tips to combat dull skin

Pic of lemon on a white background with the text dull skin, our lemon facial will bring your sparkle back, skin essentials by mariga logo


Dull skin can be so ageing, even more so than visible wrinkles at times. It can happen to any skin type at any age, and is very common when the seasons change, and the frustrations usually are:

-Feeling like you look tired, drawn or even sick.

-Makeup patches and rolls and ends up making you look worse instead of better.

-Lines appear around your eyes/mouth and at the tops of your cheeks.

Does that sound like you? Don’t worry, we can help. If your skin is dull, devitalised and dehydrated temporarily due to being recently sick, just not keeping a good lifestyle or diet for a while or maybe just a temporary adjustment as the seasons change, then below are my top three things to get your skin looking bright, radiant and healthy-looking quickly. (If there is any other reason such as long-term illness or medication, ongoing conditions such as rosacea then it is better to have a full Skin Analysis to determine the best course of action for long-term management).

Quick fixes to a short-term problem 

  1. The Home Treatment – Enzyme Exfoliation. For a quick pick-me-up our Enzymatic Exfoliation Powder is the one product you want to have on hand. Simply apply 3-4 pumps to clean, dry skin, wait 10 minutes and rinse off with water to reveal bright, radiant skin. Use once a week until skin is back to it’s best.
  2. The Clinical Treatment – Classic Facial. Our bespoke facials come in 30, 45 or 60 minute versions. Each one is customised exactly to your needs on the day and will banish dull, patchy skin fast! Available to book Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday by calling us on 053 9145981 or use our online booking service. Just choose the length of time and budget that suits you best and we will do the rest in our Wexford Town skin clinic. Highly Recommended – ask about our skin boosting lemon anti-oxidant facial.
  3. The Emergency Fix. Last minute socialising? No time for a facial and out of your Enzyme Exfoliator right before a night out? Soak clean facecloths in cold water, squeeze out and pop in the fridge for 20 minutes to cool further. Apply to your face in turn for 10 minutes total (change them out when they warm up on the skin, usually 2-3 minutes each). This will give you a quick glow that will last a couple of hours!

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Meghan Markle Has Pyramid Facelift Treatments

Does Duchess of Sussex and wife to Prince Harry Meghan Markle have Pyramid Facelift Treatments?

Celebrity plastic surgeon Mr. Gary Ross, says she has!

Commenting in UK celebrity magazine Reveal on how ageless Meghan’s skin looks he says “Non-invasive tightening treatments like the Pyramid Facelift could also explain her smooth, almost ageless skin.

As a Royal, Meghan needs to maintain natural beauty, so is unlikely to do anything drastic now.”

Meghan Markle pyramid facelift, Is Meghan Markle's ageless skin down to #pyramidfacelift treatments? Get this royal treatment exclusively in Ireland from Skin Essentials by Mariga, Wexford

Is Meghan Markle’s ageless skin down to #pyramidfacelift treatments?

I would agree that to maintain natural beauty and youthful skin so that you never have to go down the invasive route, these treatments are absolutely perfect. From gentle skin tightening treatments to deep anti-wrinkle results the Pyramid Facelift and Divine Pro technology can be customised to every anti-ageing need.

Best of all, it’s completely natural.

For a young skin like Meghan’s I would recommend a single treatment once or twice a year as a preventative measure to make sure that collagen production is kept at optimum levels. For older skin already needing correction courses of 3-6 treatments are best.

Of course, homecare is a vital step in ageless skin and you must maintain your results with great skincare products daily. Our therapists will be happy to guide you in making the best choices for your skin.

If you are thinking of following in Meghan’s footsteps and maintaining / regaining your youthful skin the natural way then we advise booking in for our free Divine Pro consultation with one of our skin experts in our Wexford Town Clinic.

The Pyramid Facelift is exclusive to Skin Essentials by Mariga in Wexford, we brought this technology to Ireland. You don’t have to be Meghan Markle to access top of the range treatments like the Pyramid Facelift, all our clients get the royal treatment😀

Read more about it here.

Call us now on 053 9123494 to schedule your no-obligation appointment or book online. 

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The Best Anti-Ageing Products

Which are the best anti-ageing products?

Probably the question I get asked the most!

At Skin Essentials we don’t like to generalise, and what may be the best anti-ageing products regimen for you may not be the best for the next person, so we love to customise routines as much as possible.

antiageing products at skin essentials by mariga

That being said, there are of course some basics that should be in everyone’s routine when anti-ageing is a concern. Ingredients such as epidermal growth factor, peptides, amino acids, high doses of anti-oxidants and cell renewal boosters such as Vitamin A are common requirement for every skin as time goes on.

Our fantastic serums are packed with these ingredients and here are my top two for all signs of ageing:

Hydra Collagen Serum: An absolute must for everyone over 35, this works with your skin to make and maintain youthful levels of collagen as well as repairing damage on a daily basis.

With ingredients such as vitamin C, epidermal growth factor, anti-oxidants by the multitude among many others, this will be your best tool in slowing all signs of ageing.

Use in the morning under SPF30 for a complete protect and repair routine.

Hydra Collagen Serum airless pump 30ml size Skin Essentials by Mariga shop online wexford

Hydra Collagen Serum €68

Age Slowly Serum: The name is a bit of a give-away! This serum is for those who are battling fine lines, dullness and texture issues.

Also fantastic to help keep a lid on monthly breakouts, it includes vitamin A , hyaluronic acid and peptides to boost radiance, cellular renewal and normalisation of oil production.

Use at night under you chosen facial oil/cream.

Best anti-ageing products Age Slowly Serum from Skin Essentials wexford

Age Slowly Serum

Note: If your skin is dry, tends to redness or rosacea you will need to balance it by using Lipid Repair Concentrate at night for at least a month before introducing a product as active as Age Slowly Serum.

Best anti-ageing for dry skin Lipid Repair Concentrate skin essentials clinic wexford

Usage tips:

  • Serums are always used on a clean skin before any other products such as creams or SPF
  • Our products are all very concentrated and one pump of any of the serums is the perfect amount for face eyes and neck.
  • Apply to damp skin right after cleansing for optimum penetration and spreadability.
  • All of our serums are designed for face and eye area, there is no need for a separate eye product.

Questions? Call us on 086 3823608 / 053 9145981 for advice.

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Rave review for TriPollar Facial at Skin Essentials

The best compliment we can ever receive is feedback from a happy client,

Whether that is in the form of a testimonial on social media, referring a friend or just letting us know that we are meeting your expectations!

Sometimes it comes in the form of a great review like the one from Hilda Smith of the very popular lifestyle blog (aimed at stylish and savvy fifty-somethings) who recently visited Skin Essentials by Mariga for her first taste of our new treatments.

Read the rave review below!

over the hilda tripollar facial review at skin essentials by mariga

From Hilda’s blog: A TriPollar Facial Tightens Skin and Reduces Wrinkles at Skin Essentials

A visit to Mariga of Skin Essentials in Wexford for a skin consultation and a TriPollar Facial was supposed to take about an hour, but the woman is a walking encyclopaedia when it comes to talking about skin and the hour became two.

A fountain of knowledge with very definite ideas about skin, Mariga has worked for 25 years in the industry and has trained with some of the world leaders in the fields of micro-needling and skin care. I have had one session of micro-needling and was very impressed with the results. You can check that post HERE.

She is very excited about her newest acquisition, The Pyramid Facelift, and she is the FIRST in Ireland to offer it. But more about that another time!

I was here for the TriPollar Facial which is one of several elements of this non-invasive facelift. I will be having the whole shebang at some stage, but as the skin could react by being red for a few days following it and as I had an event the following day, Mariga recommended:

TriPollar Radio-frequency Skin Tightening

‘This facial rejuvenation skin tightening treatment is ideal for those looking to boost their collagen production, hydrate deeply and smooth the first appearance of lines.’

The treatment is specially effective on jawline contours, under the chin and on the neck, although improvements will be seen all over the face.  Of course, I had much more than ‘the first appearance of lines’ but Mariga assured me that I would see improvements.

And here are the undoctored pictures:

According to  Mariga, up to 6 sessions will give maximum results which will last up to two years. I was slightly pink after, but it was gone within the hour.

You can see quite impressive results (above) after just 30 minutes.

But a visit to Mariga is not only about the treatment or treatments.


Several years ago, following intensive research and consultation, she launched her own range of skincare products, Skin Essentials by Mariga, which have built up a loyal following.

Mariga explained that no ingredient is used for ‘label value’. A common practice in mass-market skincare at all price points, label value is including an ingredient so that it can be placed on the labelling and marketed as “contains x” even though there is not a high enough percentage of the ingredient to have any impact on the skin. All ingredients in her products are used at maximum percentages in order to ensure results.


It is impossible not to be impressed by Mariga’s enthusiasm, her depth of knowledge and  her commitment to bring the best treatments and products to her salon.

I am always reluctant to recommend brands, because I believe that what works for me might not work for you, but Mariga offers a bespoke service to her clients, because she also recognises that we all have different needs.

So the first step is a detailed assessment, as I had, followed by treatments and a home-care regime to bring your skin to its optimum.

I am enjoying using both products and certainly felt that my skin looked really well following the treatment, despite having had a really stressful week worrying about Graham.

She has built up a loyal following and her clients travel from all over the country and many ladies come for girly weekends in Wexford  and include it in a visit to Mariga also.

Now there’s an idea!

Note from Mariga: this was a long and in-depth review so I have extracted parts here, for the full unedited version go to Hilda’s blog here)

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